Don’t worry be happy,
Stress and tension are all scrapy.
Happy times are what you deserve,
Happy memories are to be preserved!
I know you are sick and tired,
The gun is left to be loaded, aimed and fired!
Work and study is just a worry,
Don’t let the doctor say a sorry!
Eat, sleep and repeat,
Some love is all you need!
Depression isn’t the end,
let me be your friend!
Even though cotton is not tin,
A little effort is what it takes to win!
Give it a chance,
Because you only live once!
Life is all about being strong, (mentally)
Believe me you will live long!
Sadness and tension is for some time, Don’t worry you will be fine!
Finding yourself is all you want,
But don’t give up and say I can’t!
Because everyone wants happiness not pain,
But you can’t have a rainbow without rain!
Riya Priyadarshi
7 A
Roll no:- 10
Avm Bandra (east)