Don’t worry, be happy.

How’s that for a philosophy on life.  Four simple words, one profound statement.

This all started when we talked about fear a couple of weeks ago.  One thing that was a re-occurring theme was the idea behind fear and that it is oftentimes rooted in worry.  And, listening to this song – and the simple words and actions that go along with it – made me think about worry in our lives today.

Do you worry?  About your health?  About the exams?  About your next assignment?   About your homework?  I could go on and on.  Worry.  We, as a whole, can (and do) worry about pretty much everything.  The economy is struggling.  There is much unrest in many parts of the world.  Our streets are rich with crime.  Despite modern medical advances, sickness and disease still permeate our neighborhoods.  There’s enough out there to keep us worrying constantly.  And that’s without all of our own very personal and individual problems.

Some worry is hard to avoid.  Worrying about a spouse, a child, another loved one – for instance.  These are worries out of love.  These are difficult worries to overcome.  Because they are rooted in love.  Some worries, though, are just idle worries.

What, exactly, does worry get us?  Think about it for a minute.  What good comes from worry?  Idle worry. Superficial worry.  Worry without any action.  Does this do any good?  Does sitting around, worrying – will I have a job tomorrow – does that do you any good?  No.  Or how about worrying about – did I pass that test? – does that do any good?  No.  It only “…saps today of its joy.”, as Leo Buscaglia says.

So, what do you choose today?  What do you choose the next time that “thing” arises that puts uncertainty into your life – and you are ready to retreat into your world of worry?  The choice is yours.  You can choose to worry.  Or.  Or you can choose to act.  To do something.

The inevitable.  Some things we just can’t control.  So, aren’t we better off pushing worry aside?  And living our lives.  There will be good in our lives.  And there will be some bad in our lives.  Worrying about any of this is not going to change this fact.  What can change these facts are actions, by us.

Today.  You have a choice.  You can choose to worry when life confronts you with it’s challenges.  Or you can choose to live your life.  Taking care of what you do have control over.  Yourself.  Your actions.

What do you choose?

Don’t worry, be happy…

Shalin Ghosh


AVM Juhu