Section 1: Smart Earth

Once upon a time, there used to be a planet called Smart Earth. Everyone there was smart – dogs, people, fish etc. Once a terrible accident happened! A smart girl mixed sodium salts with vinegar. It went off like a volcano causing an explosion that broke the planet.

Section 2: Dogman

When Smart Earth broke up at the same time the continental drift happened. But this caused fourteen continents as Smart Earth broke up into fourteen pieces. At the same time a piece of the smart solution fell on a street. A dog ate it and became Dogman.

Section 3: The Villains

Three villains lived on three different planets. The first one, ‘Pollution’ lived on Planet Gas, the second one ‘Dirty Water’ lived on Planet Swamp and the third and strongest one ‘Tree-cutter’ lived on Planet Stub.

Section 4: Dogman to the rescue

Dogman was working with the police who had a tracker of villains who were trying to attack their planet. Dogman found out thanks to the tracker, that the three villains were trying to turn the planet into a place full of garbage and all sorts of pollution. Dogman was prepared for the battle. Soon the three villains landed with their army.

Section 5: Dogman saves the day

Dogman said, “Give up!” The villains boomed, “No! We won’t!” and they told their army, “What are you waiting for? Attack!”

Dogman removed his Super Pollution Destroying Powers. He zapped the army. All the Wet Waste soldiers were turned into compost and the Tree Stump soldiers into dustbins. He threw the Pollution soldiers into the atmosphere of an asteroid. He won the battle and earth was saved.