Digital Media &Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead

I was typing a message on my mom’s phone. As soon as I typed letters“Tha…”, I noticed that various options appeared like, “Thanks”, “Thanks a lot” and “Thank You”. I was surprised. I asked my mom about it, to which she replied that “This is artificial intelligence.” “What is artificial intelligence?”, I asked. Mom replied with another question “Have you ever played chess against computer?” “Well yes, I have played but to be honest,  I’ve lost most of the times.” I said.

So, mom explained that “Ability of a computer, robot, mobile device, car etc. to gather and process inputs (similar to human brain) through set of available instructions and give an output such as solution to a mathematical problem,make moves in game are examples of artificial intelligence.

There are various digital misapplication use artificial intelligence such as Alexa,YouTube, Facebook and Amazon Prime etc. For example, YouTube or Amazon Prime suggests us videos based on our past viewing history or Google shows search results based on our search history and interests.Devices like Alexa and Siri also help blind people by telling them weather forecast, news etc. Similarly, Google Map speaks and shows direction, so it is helpful for both blind and deaf & dumb.

So, artificial intelligence helps digital media to show articles, videos and images etc. based on one’s preferences.Thus, one gets faster access to information and knowledge.

Article by:

Name: Utkarsh Lal

Class: III B

School: Arya Vidya Mandir, Juhu