Digital media and artificial intelligence -The road ahead

Artificial intelligence and digital media has made its way from university laboratories to the industry as well as in the business with many practical uses in varied fields over the last two decades. The main focus of artificial intelligence and digital media is in business from the data driver medium. 

Where Artificial intelligence is a computer development system which performs the tasks, requires human intelligence such as ability to reason, speech recognition, decision making, find meaning or learn from past experiences. 

Digital media refers to any kind of content available online through internet in the form of advertisement, video, game text, news etc. 

Some of the key areas where artificial intelligence will continue to prosper includes automatic learning of new tasks, education, learning and development and AL-driver customer experience which helps us in making our life easy. 

Digital media is said to be the support function of artificial intelligence which has the ability to collect data automatically from across the multiple channels, address customer inquiries rapidly, easily and accurately and arrive at a satisfactory issue.

By focusing more on both digital media and artificial intelligence, it will help humans in making their tasks and efforts simplified for eg- biometric machines, real time traffic monitoring, finding missing persons, locating stolen vehicles and many more. And hence ,the artificial intelligence and digital media has paved the way for brighter future gains. 

Sksham Arora