Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead

Digital Media is all around us and has become an important part of our daily routine. Digital Media is like Television, smart phone, Tablet etc. with digitized content that can be transmitted over internet and computer. Nowadays people start their day with digital media and even end with that. This Digital Media is used in each field whether it is education, medicalor business.

                                Along with Digital Media there is another system to which we are getting dependent on too much that is Artificial Intelligence or Machine Intelligence. Through this system Machine is trying to perform the task what only human could do that is thinking. We could explain Artificial Intelligence by simple thing as when we type one single option on the computer about the information, we need computer will give ten more options what we might require.

                                It is actually becoming the future of humans. It seems we will be totally relying on the Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence. In future it might happen that we may think of buying something and computer will place order for us. This is quite dangerous situation where machine will overpower human intelligence and discretion.

Tripti Singh

Std 3 B