Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence – The Road Ahead

Digital Media” are any media that are created, read, played and saved on digital electronic devices like computers, tablets, phones etc. Along with the Internet, digital media has changed the way people carry out their daily tasks. It has created a new “digital world” in which news, movies, music, sports, photographs, books, education etc have gone online. We can also shop online after checking reviews of other customers. This has reduced the need for paper and storage. It also helps in doing things quickly.

Artificial Intelligence” is the intelligence shown by machines to do tasks that only a human being could do in the past. This includes understanding human instructions and correctly responding to them, competing in strategic games like chess, self-driving cars, problem solving, robotic surgeries etc. Machines using artificial intelligence can process large amounts of data quickly. Alexa is an example of Artificial Intelligence.

While digital media and artificial intelligence have made our lives easier, they have also created new problems such as hacking and privacy issues. Any information which is online is unprotected as there are always new software developing which can hack websites and online data.

Fake news easily spreads through digital media and creates panic among people. A lot of people have also lost their daily jobs because of machines using artificial intelligence.

We must use digital media and artificial intelligence responsibly so that people and their personal data are protected.

We must remember that technology is developed to help human beings and not replace them.

Antara Samudrala


AVM Juhu