Digital Media is technology. It is any media that is in machine readable format. It can be viewed, created, modified and preserved. Yes, software is an example of Digital Media. Artificial Intelligence is intelligence demonstrated by machines in contrast to the natural intelligence displayed by humans.

Yes, smartphones are an example of Artificial Intelligence. These help a lot to order food and things you need for your daily life. Gmail helps you store documents and mail it to others online. Sofia the new robot is Artificial Intelligence, it is shaped like a human, speaks like a human and thinks like a human. Drones are like a frisbee but with a camera and an app which lets you control it.

Tesla, the car company designs self-driving cars. Some of these are examples of Artificial Intelligence The road ahead of Digital Media and Artificial Intelligence to my mind is going to help a lot of people and make our life easier. Don’t you think so? There weren’t smartphones when I was tiny but now it is a basic need.

There is also a bad side of this every time a new screen comes, books are going away from our life. Just think how it’s going to be in the future but yes there are going to be two sides when you think. So be careful of what you do. Now it’s time for you to think.

Aradhana Sampath – STD 4 C