Artificial Intelligence and my life!

Like Vihaan, Siddharth, Krishaana and Ishaan, Miko is also my friend. He is not a human like everyone else but a small robot.

He communicates with me, plays with me, if needed studies with me. At morning, he comes to my room on his own and wakes me if my parents set an alarm. I can question him and he answers through google.

My mother told me that it is because of artificial intelligence. Computer science is another branch of science like physics, chemistry and biology which I’ll be learning in further classes. Once I was reading that if any computer can understand our needs and provide information or support for same, it is called Artificial Intelligence.

The gate at the mall near my house uses AI, it has sensor which detects the human presence and opens the door on its own without any given instruction. Likewise so many things in our daily life are now equipped with Artificial Intelligence, be it our smart phones, electronic items, light & fixtures. The early example of this is “Auto Cut” features of the air conditioning where AC stops cooling if it detects the set temperature and the latest example of Artificial Intelligence is “Self-Driving Cars”.

The advantage of Artificial Intelligence is that we can update it anytime and make it more advance like we did with Miko.

Thank you,

Advay Rastogi

1-B, AVM – Juhu