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Being underwater…  Being underwater is so relaxing It is really surprising  If you go underwater  Make sure to stop. Look around…at the calming water  See the marine life… And you will come alive  The world...

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Every drop counts!

The water says…Few decades back I was very cheerful,Every drop of mine was peaceful. I was free from all the fears,Now the tap remains open and I shed my tears. I used to move freely in the river,But now I suffer from...

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हर एक बूँद कीमती है। – ध्रुव कोहली, कक्षा :- ३ अ

हर एक बूँद कीमती है। जल, पृथ्वी पर है सबसे अनमोल रत्न इसके बगैर कुछ नहीं कर सकते यत्न सब कुछ करता, सब कुछ भरता धरती पर जीवन इसी से चलता अब इसका कर रहे दुरुपयोग जिसके कारण जग रहे है, कई नए रोग धरती के नीचे से खींच रहें है...

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Joy Of Giving And Sharing

What is Joy of giving Joy of giving is created by God himself, which is natural and enlighten by itself, When we give something The receiver becomes happy, And by seeing his smile, We also become happy. Give anything be in cash...

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