I took out a deck of 52,
On top there was a joker,
Flipped up some kings and queens,
And started playing poker.

Just like the different stages in life,
The deck has different colours and shapes,
Some are dark and some are bright,
The dark ones are named ‘clubs’ ;and‘spades’

The bright red ones are the ‘diamonds’ and ‘hearts’,
All you would find are jacks,queens,kings, and aces,
Not to forget few numbers also exist,
These 52 are carried by magicians all over places.

Some cards have great importance,
Just like we are to people who are close,
The ones who smile in tough situtations,
Real jokers are those.

They adapt to every situation,
Just like the joker does,
Maybe you don’t know many,
But there are such few among us.

People are just like cards,
Never judge someone as a king or an ace,
Once they are flipped you never know,
Even joker could be their real face.

Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu