Don’t worry be happy, this time will not come again,

Enjoy every moment of your precious life ,

Never stab yourself with a knife ,

These moments go really swift,

Always be happy with life’s gifts.

Never take tension,

Even if you don’t receive your pension,

Never do anything that will make you sad,

Or else because of sadness you’ll get mad,

Treasure each moment of your life,

And you’ll get your happiness in every trice.

Never be filled with sorrow,

Or else the judgement of your life will be tomorrow,

Never be afraid to fail,

And you’ll end up on a luxurious sail.

Good things I will bring,

Something like a beautiful swing,

After that you’ll be happier than a king,

Never fight,

Or else you’ll get fits on a full moon night.

                                                                          -Maalav Desai

                                                                           VCW AVM