I was born in the river Nile, in my home country Egypt! It’s lucky to be born in the river Nile because it is the longest river in the whole wide world, so i have a lot of company. But these days my mom is telling me not to play with the newcomers because of the pollution. They all are bad and smelly and if  I touch them I will get the disease ‘polluted’ which is just like ‘Human Cancer’, just worse and more acidic!

I just hope the Sun doesn’t pick me for evaporation and even if it does then the humans should not pollute us. Only a miracle can make that happen! Everything has a start and an end. The raindrops’ end was near. Summer is starting today. I hope none of my family or me are picked! Oh no! The sun picked me up. Now, I am gas! I am becoming the white monstrous cloud. Aaaahhhh! I am getting polluted. I have to stay here for 3 months. Finally, it is summer. I going to burst and go home! I have burst and am heading towards a really polluted river and that is the end.

If only the humans would not throw so much plastic and pollute the water so much, they would have lived better and healthier lives.

Kabir Ruparelia


Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra (West)