It was a sunny morning. My sister and I were excited for the trip we would take today, to Alibaug. We started out early and drove through trees on sunny roads for a long time.

After a while we entered the coastal road. Places around us became greener. We passed by the Karnala Bird Sanctuary. The place was very hilly and full of forests.

We visited the Kulaba Fort, which becomes an island during high tide and connects to the mainland during low tide. The place also has a few temples and many beautiful beaches.

We went to a beach near Akshi. It was very clean and peaceful. We saw some birds and many shells when walking on the sands. After spending some time on the beach we returned to our car. We were thirsty and drank my favourite tender coconut water which was very sweet.  

The Sun was setting and it was time to return home. The beautiful scene of the setting Sun was behind us. Finally we reached home. At the end of the day I went to bed with a sweet memory of the trip.

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