The divine angel,

Who gave me birth,

Held me in her womb,

To bless me life on earth.

Talking to her,

Enlightens my mood,

Better than any restaurant,

Is her home made food.

She is always by my side,

No matter what,

She can see it on my face,

Whether I’m happy or not.

The one who taught,

And saw my first walk,

Me without her is like a,

Key without a lock.

As babies all have had,

A calm peaceful long nap,

In the place where we felt safe,

It is a mother’s lap.

She Taught me human values,

Heard my  first spoken words,

Made me sleep singing a lullaby,

Melodious like chirping of birds.

She is my first and forever friend,

Together we’ve cried and smiled,

No matter how old I am,

For her I’m just her child.

~Krish Kheskani