They say a new dawn brings new spirit and a refreshed soul,
But that did not fill purpose in her life which was an empty hole.
Her life was a routine, a repetition of actions without any meaning,
For her the sunlight was just like her voice-fleeting.
Ridiculed her entire life, lost in a forest of voices-none her own,
Spending her whole life in her own silence all alone.
Relieving her pain through dance,
Searching for meaning and a medium to express herself in at every chance.
Struggling to make ends meet,
A misfit all her life,
Having accomplished no great feat,
Feeling the comments of others like stabs of a knife.
Her entire existence she felt out of place,
Fed up of life she wanted out in this race.
They say sound needs a medium to travel in but in her world there was no atmosphere,
An aimless wanderer she was-out of tears.
Alone in the night,
Finding a means to release her frustration and sorrow,
She went to the beach to find some peace until tomorrow.
The soothing sound of the waves doing nothing to stop the million thoughts running through her mind,
Her body was moving forward but her voice was left far behind.
She heard someone begin to sing,
The hum of the lyrics she heard spoke of beautiful things.
The song sang of a world,a world of joy,
These words that drifted in the air she started to enjoy.
A world where everyone spoke,
Nobody cracked and nobody broke.
It was as if the music had rekindled a flame that was long gone,
The lyrics had given her meaning symbolising a new start and deserved dawn.
The music she heard was therapeutic, giving her a sense of comfort unknown,
In her life this was a major milestone.
She realised that her medium was right in front of her,
She realised that although she had no physical voice the world was hers to conquer.
She became the artist and her dance the instrument,
The world transformed into her canvas,
As she left her imprint.
Her entire life she traveled from destination to destination,
Her forehead covered with beads of perspiration,
Searching for her voice amongst 7 billion,
Until she found it in the lyrics of an anonymous musician.

By – Sunaina Chhabria
         10 C
         A.V.M B.W.