I fell into the sea,
And felt that  I was about to drown,
The water was full of dirty mud,
And its colour was more like brown.

Somehow I managed to survive,
Ran to the jungle in the dark,
I broke out in cold sweat,
When I heard a hound bark.

I ran as fast as possible,
And all I felt was fright,
In the dark I came across,
A face that was really bright.

It looked wild with ruffled hair,
I almost died and couldn’t breathe,
When I noticed his fearsome evil eyes,
And his weirdly crooked teeth.

I was quick enough to,
Leave the hound behind,
But this scary bright face,
Had almost made me blind.

Everything was really dark,
As dark as space,
I could see no part of his body,
Except his horrifying face.

I heard it murmur something,
His torn moving lips were seen,
His eyes turned orangish-red,
I felt like it was Halloween.

Then I ran and fell from a cliff,
Loud and deadly was my scream,
Soon I opened up my eyes,
And realised it was just a dream.

Krish Kheskani


AVM Juhu