The recent demonetization scheme introduced by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a positive change in our society that will lead to the progress of our nation.

This scheme aims at extracting all the illegal money owned by Indian individuals and companies thereby making India a corruption free country. By implementing the scheme of demonetization, the government aims at putting a stop on dishonest dealings and other malpracticeImage result for 2000 rupees notes and our aspirations of becoming an ideal nation will be accomplished. In my opinion, this is a very bold decision taken by the Prime Minister and must be supported by all the citizens.

Although people have to wait in long queues outside banks, ATMs etc to exchange or withdraw money to carry on their day-to-day transactions, they are willing to do so for the betterment of the country as demonetization will ensure elimination of counterfeit currency. People are logically thinking about why this tough stand was taken.

We must ensure that all optimistic decisions of the government get full support from the citizens so that we achieve success. If this goal is accomplished, we will be able transform India into an ideal state and progress towards making India a superpower……

Kashish Hemrajani

Class 9B

A.V.M. Bandra (West)