I once heard someone say that why are people so worried about Artificial Intelligence and Robots taking over the world, they are still part of technology- they have hardware and software, you can just take them down with a pail of water. 

  Although as humorous as it may seem there is little truth in that. It is already transforming the media and entertainment business. It is helping creators to be more productive and helping content consumers to find what matches their interests and current situation. It is already assisting human creativity and human curiosity by taking a lot of the leg work out of navigating large amounts of content, and re-formatting and re-purposing it. 

   Media companies are already using analytical tools to analyse operations and audiences, they are just starting to harness the power of more sophisticated tools such as deep learning algorithms. 

  If this is the start of the use of Artificial Intelligence in Media imagine what it will be like if the full force of it is unleashed. AI is using our personal data and is using our search history, our preferences of browsers to filter out unwanted matter and recommend only what we like. It goes through all the ads we click and pages we access to recommend such items and give us more ads that we might enjoy. 

   A few days ago, my father and I had logged into an Entertainment app and moments later an ad of the same app popped up on his phone screen. AI is already invading our privacy and using our secure information to show us things of our interest imagine what it will do if we give it full access. Will it really be stopped by a pail of water?


~Vaagisha Kanwar, XA, Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West