I woke up in a fluffy cloud and as I looked around me, I saw thousands of faces staring at me.I realised we were all identical! I had never seen so many copies of me anywhere. I noticed a small detail that separated me from the others. They were huge and I was tiny compared to them.

I went up to one of them and asked, “Excuse me, where am I?” My train of thought was never ending. “Who am I? What was I doing here? Who were they and why was my voice so small?” I kept asking the others questions and pouring out all the thoughts in my head. Meanwhile, I heard a loud rumbling and thundering around the cloud. Suddenly the most unexpected thing happened. A part of the cloud detached and started falling one by one! We were falling so fast that I let out a big scream. I was just centimeters away from the ground.I could feel the hard wind blowing in my face.

It felt like my body would break into a million pieces. Unfortunately, I was right! I fell on an umbrella and broke into pieces, and that was just it!
Rishika Didwania


Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra (West)