What 2020 has taught me…

The year 2020 started as a usual New Year with a lot of hope and expectations.

However, like few centuries ago we witnessed one of the biggest pandemics faced by the human race in 2020. Millions of people lost their lives and the world came to a standstill.

As a young boy, I experienced many new things which I never thought would happen. For a change human being were made to stay indoors within four walls of their houses, giving opportunity for animals to move around freely. On a positive note, the skies became clearer, air became fresher and oceans less polluted with lesser human activity! Many unusual sightings of animals and fishes seen in cities. 

 My school started online from home, my brother did college from home, my father did his work from home, meeting with friends and family was on video calls! Suddenly we experienced the power of the digital revolution. We had to queue up for basic essentials and healthcare workers, policemen, delivery boys had to risk their own lives to save humanity.

These are the 3 learnings from the year 2020 for me:

1] We should not take things for granted – I learn to value small things. Essentials that we got effortlessly became precious in the lockdown and friends we met and played with every day we couldn’t meet at all. I also realised that even simplistic living is possible and happy life is not about spending and splurging!

2]A super hero can be without a cape! Healthcare workers, policemen, delivery boys and sanitation workers are the real-life heroes in the real world.

3]We need to learn to live in harmony with Mother Earth and nature. Man is not the most powerful creature on earth as we believe. Even a small virus that we cannot see can bring mankind on their knees. We should respect all living things, not to pollute the environment and share space with all.