A poor, hardworking farmer whose lifestyle included a small hut, simple clothes and food, lived next door to a rich landlord who lived in a huge house and had several servants and the luxurious comforts. In spite of these, he was always worried and could not sleep well at night.

The landlord was envious of the peaceful farmer. He went to a sage to find out the secret to the farmer’s happiness. The sage said, ”the farmer is happy because he is content from within and happiness is not readymade. “But that is impossible.” the landlord protested. How can he be so happy, with far lesser money and possessions than me”,

“If you do not believe me, give him 999 coins.”, said the sage to the landlord.


The landlord gave the farmer money. A few days later, the farmer came back looking very sad and pleaded to the landlord to take his money back. Upon asking, he farmer confessed, “Sir, I am worried that some thief will steal my money. I also keep wondering how I can increase my money from 999 to 1000 rupees.”


This story tells us that happiness does not come readymade with money or materialistic goods. It comes from our actions. So much to see and do in this wonderful life, all depending on the right choices Happiness is an everlasting feeling of gratitude and joy that comes from within, from loving our family and friends. The only attitude we must have is that of gratitude.


Std: IV C