The Joy of Giving and Sharing

From the joyous faces to the fulfilling reactions,
making you feel happy.
and adding to list of good deeds,
and interactions.
Behind the happiness of living ,
is the secret of giving.

From the kid on the road,
to your peers,
shortcomings are one thing,
that everyone fears.
Helping someone with their trouble,
is better than ,
ignoring them with a mumble.

The smile that has ,
the power to melt a frozen heart.
Behind that smile,
is a move ever so smart.
A selfish brain is of no use,
the only thing it can give,
is a bruise.

The smile of the receiver,
is very contagious.
It spreads more joy ,
than any fuss.
Stopping the tears from being shed.

Exchanging the tears with happy thoughts,
which they have before going to bed.
Behind the happiness of living,
is the secret of sharing and giving.

Gayathri Jayesh
VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

The Things You Share

The things you share,
You get them back.
It may be a pair of clothes,
Or even a bag pack.

The joy when you give and share,
Is the best feeling in the World.
It may be love and care,
Or even an anger rue.

You can share a smile,
You shall get it back.
Or something to a needy person,
Like a food item that is packed.

At the end of the day,
You get what you give,
A smile beaming,
Like a ray 🙂

Rashi Tanna

VCW Arya Vidya Mandir,

Bandra East

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

The heart within you
beats with joy,
when you give and share
with a gesture of care.

Do you feel happiness
when you provide help to a beggar,
knowing he will be warm at night
because of your caring nature?

Or do you build a bond
with a friend of yours,
when you share food
which boosts up your mood?

Or the flutter of joy
you give to an old lady,
when you spend some time with her
when she’s lonely?

This is the purity and grace
in helping someone set their pace.
Share with them your stories and listen to theirs,
and see their faces fill with growing joy.

Do not fear oblivion,
as when you love and share
your legacy shall always be there.

And when you share a smile
you win someone’s heart,
like a darkness at night
catching the star-light.

This is the joy shared
when we care.
like a light that’s given
from a candle to the air.

  • Tanushree Jain
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East


Do you feel a little flicker
When for that man you pay the bus fare?
Or when you buy a kid a cookie?
That’s joy you feel, because you give and share.

This joy you feel, is the basis of
The human race and all things living,
Because the happiness of our lives lies in
The joy of sharing and giving.

It is a feeling so pure, so true, so incredibly good
That it brightens up the world,
You can spread it with some candy or
With a simple nice word!
The respect of a peer you gain
When you give them what they need.
You make an amazing new friend
By doing a simple good deed!

Envision the joy on that poor mother’s face
When you hand some money to her little boy without mace.
Ignoring them and walking by,
Would deprive them of happiness and a little toy!

Imagine the joy you ignite
When you give up your bus seat for someone!
Yes, you lose a bus seat
But someone’s respect you earn!

Donate your toys to an orphanage,
And see the orphan who was found at the small tower.
Observe the indescribable joy on her face because
You let her know she’s loved and cared for.

You can give your friend a shoulder to cry on,
A person to talk to when they are sad,
Someone who they can freely trust,
And someone who will sit beside them when they are mad.

Your smile has the power
To ignite joy and remove pain.
Your kind words have power,
Because someone’s inhibitions they have slain.

We should put the power we have to good use
To treat people with kindness and create a rare ecstasy.
To create in someone’s distraught life,
A beautiful, happy fantasy.

Your life is not measured by your marks, your coolness
Or the money you earn.
It is measured by the happiness you have created
And the good deeds you have done.

Everyone’s biggest fear is oblivion-
The fear of not being remembered and having done nothing.
Well, with giving and sharing you have nothing to fear
Because you created joy and that is something.

  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra East

Experience- The greatest teacher in life

Once upon a time I remember,

When I was quite young a friend,

I fell off the swing in school,

And in blood, my shirt was drenched.

Weeping and crying I spent an hour,

As I had broken my nose alright,

I called my mother thrice back then,

When she finally arrived with a sprite.

She took me to the hospital immediately,

And got me treated in a jiffy,

For two weeks I had a plaster on my nose,

Which slowly managed to unfold.

I was fine after then,

When my father came back from his trip,

He saw the band-aid on my nose,

And then with a smile he said

“What happened to my dear Princess,

Did she have a fall?

Never mind, its just a scratch,

You’re a braveheart after all.”

He taught me the lesson of my life,

To never be scared.

Such small things keep happening he thought,

But we had to keep trying again.

He believed people learn from mistakes,

And many happenings in life,

A small failure or fall isn’t the end,

Because experience is my teacher, my friend.

  • Swaraa Sule
  • Class 9A
  • V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir (BE)

Who is the Greatest Teacher in life?

Who is the greatest teacher in life?

Experience is the greatest teacher in life,

Experience is a medicine given to us  by the past,

It is used for the present like a bow tied on fast.

Experience always helps us, 

In matters we can’t even think of,

Experience is gained from the past,

With an effect to the present.

Experience is what everybody has,

Like the person who now knows he likes classic and not jazz,

Experience tells something very important,

Like always camping with a campfire and a friend.

Experience teaches us a lot about life,

Like India knew it was time to strive,

Experience is something that nobody can teach,

Exactly how love cannot be preached.

Experience tells us things we like or not,

Like we know a war is not to be fought,

Experience is what makes us big ,

And not be tall nor fat like a pig.

Experience tells us who is our friend,

And helps us to be fit in the end,

Love is something what a friend lends,

Which is likely to help us blend.

  • By Maalav Desai
  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

संगीत प्रार्थना अाहे

संगीत ही अशी एक प्रार्थना आहे जी आपल्या हृदयातून येते.पण ही प्रार्थना कोणत्याही एका धर्माची किंवा कोणत्याही एका विशिष्ट देवासाठी नसते.श्रोता हाच देवासमान असतो. संगित जात, धर्म , देश असा भेदभाव ओळखत नाही.  प्रार्थना म्हटल्यावर ज्या प्रमाणे मनाला शांती,  समाधान व आनंद मिळतो, त्याप्रमाणे संगितानेही आपल्याला या गोष्टी प्राप्त होतात. सुर, ताल आणि बोल हे संगिताचे अविभाज्य घटक आहेत.  यांच्या त्रिवेणी संगमाने स्वर्गीय संगीताचा आस्वाद घेता येतो.
Ashna Gadade
V C W Arya Vidya Mandir

कृष्ण की बांसुरी की कहानी…..

जब में संगीत और पौराणिक कथा के बारे में सोचता हूँ, तब मुझे सबसे पहले कृष्ण और उन्की बांसुरी की याद

आती हैं| उन्की बांसुरी के स्वर से सभी पशु- पक्षी, गोपियाँ आकर्षित हो कर तल्लीन हो जाते थे| एक दिन में

अपने खयालो में खोया था जब मेरे मन में यह ख्याल आया की भगवन कृष्ण को यह बाँसुरी किसने दी? फिर मैंने

थोड़ी छान भीन करी तब मुझे बांसुरी के पीछे छुपा पूरा रहस्य पता चला|

हर रोज़ कृष्ण बगीचे में जाकर सभी पौधों से कहते थे, “मैं तुमसे प्रेम करता हूँ|” यह सुनकर सभी पौधे अत्यधिक

प्रसन्न होते थे और जवाब में वे कृष्ण से कहते थे, “कृष्ण, हम भी आपसे प्रेम करते हैं|”

एक दिन अचानक तेज़ी से दौड़ते हुए कृष्ण बगीचे में आए और सीधे बांस के वृक्ष के पास गए|

वृक्ष ने कृष्ण से पूछा, “कृष्ण, क्या बात है?”

कृष्ण ने कहा, “मुझे तुमसे कुछ पूछना है|”

बांस ने कहा, “आप मुझे बताइए. यदि संभव होगा तो मैं अवश्य आपकी सहायता करूँगा|”

इस पर कृष्ण बोले, “मुझे तुम्हारा जीवन चाहिए. मैं तुम्हें काटना चाहता हूँ|”

बांस ने क्षणभर के लिए सोचा और फिर बोला, “क्या दूसरा कोई रास्ता नहीं है?”

कृष्ण बोले, “नहीं, बस यही एक रास्ता है|”

बांस ने कहा, “ठीक है, मैं स्वयं को आपको समर्पित करता हूँ|”

जब कृष्ण बांस को काटकर उसमें छेद कर रहे थे तब बांस दर्द से चिल्ला रहा था क्योंकि छेद बनाने से बांस को

बहुत पीड़ा हो रही थी| परन्तु काटने व तराशने वाली पीड़ा और दर्द को सहने के बाद, बांस ने स्वयं को एक

मनमोहक बांसुरी में रूप में पाया| यह बांसुरी हर समय कृष्ण के साथ रहती थी|

इस बांसुरी से गोपियाँ भी ईर्ष्या करती थीं| उन्होंने बांसुरी से कहा, “अरे, कृष्ण हैं तो हमारे भगवान पर फिर भी

हमें उनके साथ केवल कुछ समय ही व्यतीत करने को मिलता है| वह तुम्हारे साथ ही सोते हैं और तुम्हारे साथ ही

उठते हैं| तुम हर समय उनके साथ रहती हो|” एक दिन उन्होंने बांसुरी से पूछा, “हमें इसका रहस्य बताओ| क्या

कारण है कि भगवान कृष्ण तुम्हें इतना संजोकर रखते हैं?”

बांसुरी ने उत्तर दिया, “इसका रहस्य यह है कि मैं अंदर से खोखली हूँ. और मेरा अपना कोई अस्तित्व नहीं है|”

सही मायने में आत्मसमर्पण इसी को कहते हैं: जहाँ भगवान आपके साथ जैसा वह चाहें, वैसा कर सकते हैं| इसके

लिए आपको डरने की ज़रुरत नहीं है | हमें अपना सर्वश्रेष्ठ करने के बाद शेष सब प्रभु पर छोड़ देना चाहिए| जब

हम स्वयं को सम्पूर्ण रूप से ईश्वर के चरणों में समर्पित करते हैं तो प्रभु हमारे भले का उत्तरदायित्व अपने हाथ में

ले लेते हैं और हमें सदा सर्वश्रेष्ठ ही मिलता है|

बांसुरी ने हमे कितनी सच्ची और बड़ी बात सीखा दी हैं| बांसुरी से हमे संगीत मिलता हैं और संगीत से बांसुरी

को एक नयी पेहचान|

क्या आपको यह कहानी पसंद आयी? आप यह तो समझ ही गए होंगे की संगीत हमारे मन को ही नहीं ईश्वर के

मन को भी भाता हैं| हमे संगीत को अपने जीवन का एक महत्वपूर्ण हिस्सा बनाके रखना चाहिए|


अक्युत सराफ

कक्षा पांच ए

The Healing Power of Music.

There is no better treatment for illnesses than a remedy that has no side effects but only positive effects. A wonderful remedy for all ailments is music. From rejuvenating our mind to calming our soul and filling us with joy unspeakable, music is indeed a remedy that has outstanding healing powers.

Haven’t we all had a day where we just feel sad for no reason whatsoever, and then grab a pair of headphones to listen to some melodious pieces composed by Beethoven, Mozart or any of our favourite artists? And then we feel much better, happy, and energetic. When going on long and tiring flights or car journeys, the first thing we go to for comfort is music.

Don’t you remember those nights long, long ago when your grandmother sang you to sleep with those beautiful,  soul -touchingly melodious lullabies that she learnt on her mother’s lap some half a century earlier? When babies and little toddlers cry or are uncomfortable for some reason, their mothers calm them down by singing a few sweet words which have an amazing effect.

Music is a wonderful thing that brings joy and pleasure to all.


Ankita Murthy

8C , AVM Bandra East



Music is the greatest creation of man, which touches the soul and also helps man to sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him. The effect of music in man is what that separates him from other animals. Due to the high effect of music in the life of human being, it is capable of breaking boundaries to unit people from different background and cultural heritage. Indeed, there is lots to say about music being one of the most important factors in the life of human being of all races and religions.

Music is the one thing that can appeal to millions of people from different parts of the world and uplift them emotionally. For that reason, music can easily be used as a sign of peace-offering when there is chaos between people of different origin and background. 

Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, the best way you can express your feelings: anger, love, passion, joy etc is simply through music. It is rightly said that when words and letters fail the next best option is music. You will be able to express the intent of your heart through music which ordinarily may not be possible for you to either do in words or letters.

In most cases, doctors and therapists normally recommend soft music for their patients. This is because, with the effect of the music in the heart and entire being of a sick person, there will be revival of hope of living, joy of existence and happiness in the mind of the sick person making it easy for the him or her to respond positively to treatment.

Music can best be described as wonderful force that is capable of bonding people together and instituting international brotherhood, love as well as peace.

-Leela Addepalli