The busy city life often distracts one from nature’s beauty. Summer vacation gives us the freedom to relax and have fun. This year, I visited Hyderabad in May.


Hyderabad is the land of monuments. After checking into the hotel, we had a scrumptious breakfast.  We planned to visit the ‘RAMOJI FILMCITY – INDIA’S MOST FAMOUS FILMCITY’ later that day. I went on many rides and also saw the ‘behind the scenes’ at Bollywood. They showed us various visual effects seen in movies. We toured their visual cities used in film shooting, and visited a magic ghost house which was really scary. They have excellent 3D features including the Ramoji Tower. The tower was the best part of the whole visit to the film city.

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I visited and saw many beautiful places, like the Hussain Sagar, a lake with a statue of Gautam Buddha built in the midst which enhanced its beauty. The city is abundantly green with occasional monuments interrupting the lush greenery. Charminar, a lovely tower with four minarets, was the highlight of the skyline. It was an amazing experience, and left me with memories I still cherish.




Along The Mountains

In this summer vacation I went to Matheran, a hill station in the Sahyadri mountain range. What makes Matheran special is that it’s the only hill station in the world where vehicles are not allowed. This unique feature takes you to the old days.

Matheran was discovered by a British Officer Mr. Mallet in 1850. Coincidentally I was in Matheran on its 167th birthday.  There is a vintage toy train that takes people from the base village of Neral to Matheran. The prime attraction is monkeys, who entertain you with naughty tricks all the time.Image result for matheran

Our aim was to do a trek. After brunch we started walking along the western rim of the hills. When I was looking around with binoculars, I spotted a huge honeycomb, thousands of bees were buzzing around it.

Matheran is a paradise for nature lovers. It provides you with fresh air and lots of greenery to cool you down. The horse rides along the muddy tracks are very thrilling. An annual visit to Matheran is a must for every Mumbaikar.


Dhyan Ashar


AVM Bandra West

Visiting Paris

On my way back from school I was thoroughly excited as I was travelling to Paris the next day.

The following day we landed in the city of lights. The tour started by visiting the most prominent landmark of Paris ,the Eiffel Tower, there we saw the spectacular view of Paris by a telescope.The next day we went to Disneyland, the place I was eager to visit. I met all disney characters such as wizard of Oz , Alice in wonderland Cinderella etc. We had a great time there. We continues by visiting the louvre, the art museum, the ‘les cat

Related imageacomes’ that are vast mines. We ended the day by shopping on the streets and having cheese pizza.

Our trip ended after a week and I flew back to mumbai with a bunch of memories to be shared.

Raddheya Mahendru

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (west)

Switzerland – The Land Of Mountains

Last summer I went to Switzerland with my parents and my sister .We went to Zermatt and up the mountain Matterhorn.  

It is a really beautiful scene and the mountain features on the chocolate toblerone . On our way , it started to snow . I had never experienced snowfall before , I stuck out my tongue for the snow to fall on it. We stopped at a small shop to have a cup of hot chocolate . One thing I found peculiar about Zermatt was that the people used battery operated vehicles.

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The next day we went to Brian lake. The tree was surrounded by trees and mountains. We fed bread crumbs to the ducks in the lake. Then we went to Mt. Titlis in a cable car and had a snow fight there.

It was great fun and I would love to visit Switzerland again soon.

Rishika Didwania  

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (west)

Class 3C