The busy city life often distracts one from nature’s beauty. Summer vacation gives us the freedom to relax and have fun. This year, I visited Hyderabad in May.


Hyderabad is the land of monuments. After checking into the hotel, we had a scrumptious breakfast.  We planned to visit the ‘RAMOJI FILMCITY – INDIA’S MOST FAMOUS FILMCITY’ later that day. I went on many rides and also saw the ‘behind the scenes’ at Bollywood. They showed us various visual effects seen in movies. We toured their visual cities used in film shooting, and visited a magic ghost house which was really scary. They have excellent 3D features including the Ramoji Tower. The tower was the best part of the whole visit to the film city.

Image result for ramoji film city hyderabad


I visited and saw many beautiful places, like the Hussain Sagar, a lake with a statue of Gautam Buddha built in the midst which enhanced its beauty. The city is abundantly green with occasional monuments interrupting the lush greenery. Charminar, a lovely tower with four minarets, was the highlight of the skyline. It was an amazing experience, and left me with memories I still cherish.






There are nine planets in one such place

which is called outer space


Where billions of stars twinkle each night

making the sky full of light


The dominant sun gives out its eloquent rays

increasing the temperature of the days

Image result for sun and earth


There are elusive comets and shooting stars

which we look at and wish from far

Where a moon, enormous and white

reflects the sun’s extremely bright light


There may be many rumors about aliens and UFO’s

people say that they have green hands, legs and toes


The marvellous outer space is filled with magic and mystery

that is exactly the place I’d want to see!





The Last Wish

All I could see was black. An infinite amount of nothingness no matter where you looked. It was art; a depressing sight for a common man. The sense of loneliness scared many, and the dangers scared the rest. But still, it gave me joy. I had sacrificed my everything for this. It was certain that not all crew members would return. But they didn’t fear the unknown, the red planet. I wondered what could be happening back home while I planted foot on the face of an unknown world. At a distance far greater than one could imagine, I could see Earth. The greens, dominated by the blues. I looked out through thick glass which held against the vacuum of outer space.   Image result for mars

It’s where my father had lived….and died. He was an astrobiologist. His research was what enabled us to understand what we would face as we twisted the rules and skipped the boundaries that the universe imposed on us. He died in an accident on the space station. What caused it is confidential and only few individuals know the truth. I was here only because of him. I remember his last words to me as he boarded the spacecraft. “Son, no one knows what my fate is. I am headed into a realm, answers of which still await our questions. I always dreamt of exploring the unexplored. I want you to go places we think are impossible to reach. Make me proud my boy, I love you.” I made up my mind then and there that I would live up to my father’s expectations and I would come back home one day, and tell him about it. I promised him that I would do whatever it takes. It became the goal and the driving force of my life. And it’s time now. It’s time I fulfilled his wish. Although I’m one step away from my goal, I’m forever away from my father.






मेरी यात्रा का वर्णन

मेरे विद्यालय मे हर वर्ष बैसाख के महीने में ग्रीष्मवकाश होता है और इस वर्ष भी था,बहुत  साल तक मेरा परिवार और मैंने कई ऐशियन देश घूमें  है और  एशिया के कई देशों की यादें भी हमारे पास हैl इसलिए इस वर्ष हम पूरबी  यूरोप मै ;हंगरी, ऑस्ट्रिया और चेक रिपब्लिक के पर्यटन पर निकलेl यूरोप हम पहले भी जा चुके हैं और वहां के रहन-सहन का हमें स्मरण है क्योंकि एशिया के देशों का रहने का ढंग यूरोप के देशों से बहुत अलग है, इसलिए हम पूरी तैयारी के साथ गएl हमारी हवाई यात्रा थी वह भी मुंबई से नहीं, दिल्ली से पर दिल्ली जाने से पहले हम अपने गृहनिवास लखनऊ गए मेरी दादी जी और बुआ से मिलने फिर हम दिल्ली मेरे चाचा जी के घर पहुंचे थोड़ा विश्राम करने के लिए क्योंकि हमारी हवाई यात्रा रात के तीन बजे थीl हम  ढाई बजे दिल्ली के इंदिरा गाँधी अंतराष्ट्रीय हवाई अड्डे पहुंचेl हमें तुर्की कि राजधानी इस्तांबुल से होकर जाना था, हंगरी की राजधानी बुडापेस्ट पहुंचने के लिए और हम बारह घंटे के अंतराल में  बुडापेस्ट पहुंचे और विश्राम कर बुडापेस्ट की सैर करने निकलेl हंगरी के बाद हम ऑस्ट्रिया  गए, वह भी ट्रेन से, जिस मे हमें यूरोप की खूबसूरती को पास से देखने का मौका मिला l अंत मै हम चेक रिपब्लिक पहुंचे और वहां भी ट्रैन से ,सच में  वहां का नज़ारा काबिलेतारीफ था. चेक रिपब्लिक की राजधानी प्राग में हमे बहुत आनंद आया वहां हमने  प्राग कैसल देखा जो बहुत मशहूर था और वहां के सबसे पुराना पुल चार्ल्स ब्रिज को भी देखाl हम वापस आये इंस्तांबुल से होकर ही क्योंकि हमारा विमान वहीँ  से बदलने वाला था l मेरी यह यात्रा सुखद थी  क्योंकि मुझे अलग-अलग देशों के बारे में जाने का अवसर मिला और वहां पे रह कर उन्हें समझने का भी l

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विरल वत्सल


आर्य विद्या मंदिर बांद्रा(पश्चिम)

Bug of the Black

Imagine yourself in the place of a bug you captured while strolling around the park. It must be clueless as to what happened to it. How the soft sunshine it roamed in freely turned into total darkness. More so, imagine a bug that’s born in the palms of your hands and stays there for its entire life. Its horizon would be the crease between your hands. That’s us on the earth floating through space. All we have known is black. Since the beginning of time, we have been surrounded by this black envelope and nothing beyond. We seem to know so much about the universe but still it seems like nothing compared to all the unanswered questions we have about this universe. The birth of it for example, it’s just a theory. The bug doesn’t know what happened before its birth. How the palms came around it.  He can only imagine what must have happened. That’s exactly what our situation is. The bug will never know what lies beyond the envelope of your hand, if there is anything beyond it in the first place. Again our situation is no different. We don’t know what lies beyond the edge of our universe. We don’t even know if anything lies beyond it at all.

Image result for UNIVERSE

Our universe lies vastly unexplored. But we are lucky to be born in this generation. We are born at the starting line of this race towards knowledge, about our world and this mysterious yet fascinating black envelope.







In the recent years, our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has introduced various campaigns through which he aims to make a change in the society.Related image





Taking an example of ‘Swatch Bharat Abhiyan’. “A clean India would be the best tribute India could pay to Mahatma Gandhi on his 150 birth anniversary in 2019,” said Shri Narendra Modi as he launched the Swachh Bharat Mission at Rajpath in New Delhi. On 2nd October 2014, Swachh Bharat Mission was launched throughout the country as a national movement. To encourage people to move towards cleanliness, he involved various imporRelated imagetant personalities and celebrities in this initiative. Through this campaign, he wants to make a tremenous change in our our society which would not only have an impact on the lifestyle of the Indians, but also would affect the visions of the foreigners towards our country. Having a clean and green Bharat is his only goal through this campaign.


Secondly, speaking about his ‘Make In India Campaign’. Through this campaign, which was launched in September 2014, his motive is to encourage domestic production of goods and products in India.

On one hand, itRelated image would help create employment opportunities in the manufacturing sector, on the other hand it would help reduce imports and conserve expensive foreign exchange. This would also help India attain faster economic growth.



Mr Modi also launched Jan-Dhan Yojana earlier to include poor people in formal economy circlRelated imagee. The scheme provided for opening of new (zero balance) accounts for poor population, with Government making small financial contributions.



Recently, the demonetisation of INR 500/- and INR 1,000/- rupee notes was introduced. This is aimed at cleaning up of black money in the Indian economy. With this demonetisation, the Government aims to take out the unaccounted money from the Indian economic system and bring all high value transactions with in tax ambit. Though, this demonetisation is causing some inconvenience to the general public, it iRelated images expected to be help Indian economy grow faster over the long run.


Yashita Garg

IX – B

A.V.M. B.W.


Memories I Cherish


“The brightest memory fades faster than the dullest ink.” ~Claudia Rankine.

I never really visited many places within India, as I thought there was not really much to do here except to visit ancient temples or valleys, which I wasn’t much a fannnnnnnn of. But Rishikesh was unusual. when my mother told me about it“ Oh, another boring old place I thought. But no, was I in for a ride! Exactly the opposite of what I expected, it was one of the most adventurous and exciting places I had ever visited.

The place I was staying at was called Atali Ganga, due to its situation in Atali Dogi, and it being close to the river bank of the Ganges. I busied myself with  white water rafting.  Although it isn’t  much of a deal for many people, getting up at six in the morning and pushing a raft forward twenty kilometers using all my strength, was quite a big one for me, and a fun one too. The most entertaining part of rafting, as anyone who has done it will know, is the rapids  in the river. Just as my fellow raft-mates and I saw one up ahead, we knew we were in for some thrills. Clutching the side of the raft, while swift river rapids are tumbling your raft side-to-side, sometimes even upside-down, is quite an exhilarating experience! Even the people rafting with me were quite cheerful, and made us all laugh, while an old man encouraged me too to do somersaults  off the boat with him.

Although it was for a very short time, and not as thrilling as some would say adventures were, it was one of the best that I have had, and gave me some of my most cherished memories.

Harkaran Dua

Class: 9 C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)


Demonetization, fake currency notes and black money. These are the only words we are hearing when eavesdropping. Whether it’s a discussion between small children in school or senior citizens at a park. On 8th of November 2016, Prime Minister Narendra Modi annoRelated imageunced that after midnight Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes will not be accepted as a legal tender anywhere except in petrol pumps, hospitals and chemists. He also mentioned that people can exchange their money up to Rs. 4000 everyday to elaborate further he said that the withdrawing limit was Rs. 20,000 per week.

This change was desperately needed. This change was made merely for the people having black money. To elucidate further Pakistan was continuously printing fake currency notes and circulating it in the Indian market. This was a strategy of the Pakistani government to destabilize the rich Indian economy. This modification which would sweep out corruption and ring in a cleaner economy was procrastinated by many in the past. This alteration is bringing in difficulty but all of this is for a better tomorrow. Only the people having black money will oppose the government. Narendra Modi has risked his chances of winning the election in the next term.

Narendra Modi has bitten the bullet right now. Though he will have to face a few short term challenges, the bird’s eye view of the future India is clear, clean and corruption free. Our Prime Minister has proved today the lines of Mahatma Gandhi. He said and I quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Krisha Ashar

9 A

A.V.M B.W.

A Changing Society is a Progressive Society

The recent demonetization scheme introduced by Prime Minister, Narendra Modi is a positive change in our society that will lead to the progress of our nation.

This scheme aims at extracting all the illegal money owned by Indian individuals and companies thereby making India a corruption free country. By implementing the scheme of demonetization, the government aims at putting a stop on dishonest dealings and other malpracticeImage result for 2000 rupees notes and our aspirations of becoming an ideal nation will be accomplished. In my opinion, this is a very bold decision taken by the Prime Minister and must be supported by all the citizens.

Although people have to wait in long queues outside banks, ATMs etc to exchange or withdraw money to carry on their day-to-day transactions, they are willing to do so for the betterment of the country as demonetization will ensure elimination of counterfeit currency. People are logically thinking about why this tough stand was taken.

We must ensure that all optimistic decisions of the government get full support from the citizens so that we achieve success. If this goal is accomplished, we will be able transform India into an ideal state and progress towards making India a superpower……

Kashish Hemrajani

Class 9B

A.V.M. Bandra (West)





MUSIC is what I want to be

Music is a part of our soul,

To be like her should be our goal.

Selfless, kind and forgiving,
She never minds a mistake.
Sharing and caring,
To her, it doesn’t matter WHO plays.Image result for music

Helpful, not to one but all,
Bringing happiness in lives.
For her, no one is ever too small,
Children, husbands and wives.

I hope that I can too one day,
Have all these qualities in me.
Till then, this is what I’ll hope and say,
And continue to dream.


Anoushka Chakravorty

9th A

AVM Bandra West

Music: Gods Universal language

As the tune reaches my ears all the tensions and worries are long gone,
Then emotions of happiness and ecstasy are born;
Music makes me forget all my pain,
Brings out the sunshine when all I can see is rain;
Music is the ray of hope in the darkest of times,
Knowing that time moves forward, the clock always chimes;
Music is the escape from reality,
Just like the song of the lashing wild waves of the sea.
 Music that friend that stays by your side,

Even after it is all over and your tears have dried,
It pulls you into a world of its own,
As it warms up a heart as cold as stone.
Music is the rhythm to which your heart beats,
It is the feeling that you get when your inner voice speaks,
It is the sound that leads you to the divine,
And  the positive energy that makes you feel alive.
Music can attain utmost purity,
And hence music is my therapy.
Image result for music
Anushree Shah
Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (west)

संगीत – मेरी आत्मा

संगीत! मेरी जिंदगी का एक अहम हिस्सा है। संगीत में केवल सुर या राग नहीं होते, उसमें भावनाएँ भी होती है। संगीत मेरी और सबकी आत्माओं में बसता है, उसकी धुन , उसके शब्द मन को शांति देते है। इंसान भले ही कितना भी दुखी हो पर अपना पसंदीदा संगीत सुनते ही अपने हर दुख भूल जाता है और यही शायद संगीत का असली मतलब है। संगीत तो कई लोग सुनते है और गाते भी है परंतु जो उसे महसूस करता है वही असली कलाकार होता है और एक संगीत ही है जो आपको – आपसे जोड़े रखता है। इस प्रकृति ने भी हमें  संगीत से जोड़े रखा है जैसे चिड़िया की चहचाहत, हवा  से हिलते हुए पत्ते , नदियों एवं झरने की आवाज़, बादलों की  गड़गड़ाहट, जो हमें अपने-पन का अहसास दिलाता है। संगीत ही मेरा दिल, मेरी जान और  मेरी आत्मा   है।

श्रेया सिंह

9 ARelated image
A.V.M B.W.

Nature ; Music and Healer

The Earth is in a state of constant movement. The Earth needs healing.

So what heals the earth?

The rustling of grass and falling leaves,Related image

The melodious singing of the nightingale,

The dancing of trees to the breeze,

The hollow hammering of the woodpecker,

The free spirited fluttering of butterflies,

The buzzing of bees,

The pitter- patter of shimmering rain drops,

The tireless gushing of   waterfalls into the streams,                                        Related image

The lapping of sea waves,

The soft pawing of a leopard and much more…

Therefore, nature is music

And music is a healer…

By –

Krisha Ashar


A.V.M  B.W.


Music is the voice of my soul. It is the food for my mind and elixir for my spirit.

Music unleashes my enthusiasm and creativity.Music lies in every corner of nature.

Gushing of the waterfall over pebbles, howling of the pack of wolves at midnight and the merry tweeting of little birds in spring- every whisper, every sound is music.

I often use music to forget about my problems and complexities of life.

Nowadays in our buzzing city, people get no time to pursue their favorite hobbies.Related image

Music of any type, an instrument, singing or just humming and whistling can nurture our minds and help us lead a happy life. Just don’t forget…you never need to be  a professional to sing.

Sing like you have never sung before…because this life is nothing without the sweet sounds of music.

By – Sanjna Subramanian

9 C

A.V.M. B.W.

Lessons I Learnt from Indian Mythology

India’s rich mythology has taught me many things,
Like lessons of righteousness and humanity from many queens and kings.
The stories of Ramayana taught me to Always fight for what’s right,
And that a calm attitude can always help get you out of a plight.
The stories of Mahabharata taught me that the determination of five,
Can out weight the loose wand of a hundred and even the most skilled could act naïve.
The story of Prahlad taught me to always stand up for what I believe,
And to be open minded and never give up on what I want, never to leave.
Most of all Indian mythology taught me how to be wise and brave,
And these are some lessons that I will take to my grave.