यादे इन दिनों की

आज से बीस साल के बाद,

जब हम अपनी-अपनी ज़िन्दगी में डूब जायेंगे,Image result for childhood memories wallpaper

दफ्तर, नौकरी, परिवार के साथ,
मन के किसी कोने में रहेंगी आज -कल की बात?

जब रेडियो पर २०१६ का गाना बजेगा,
क्या हम इसी तरह जी भर के गा पाएंगे ?
या हम सुनकर, यादो में सिर्फ खो जाएंगे?

पाठशाला में मित्र से लड़ाई-झगड़ा,
अध्यापिका  की डाँट,
दोस्तों से हँसी-मज़ाक का सिलसिला ,
क्या हर पल, हर कदम हम भूल पाएंगे?

हर सहेली का चेहरा,हर टीचर की वाणी,
हम सब को आज लगती है जो प्यारी,
परंतु जैसे समय का पहिया घूमेगा ,
यह पल भी हमारे मन से मिट जायेंगे|

यह  ज़िन्दगी का सुनहरा पन्ना ,
हर दिन,हर पल को जी भर के जीना,
ओस की  बूंदो जैसे यह यादे भी मिट जाएंगी ||

Jaee Ponde

Class 8C
Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (West)

The Music of Nature

Music is a sound
That leaves you spell boundRelated image
Music is the sound of a lush waterfall
Music is the chattering of a baby doll
Music is where your loving mother sings
Music is when the wedding bells ring
Music is the sound of rain tapping gently on the ground
Ohhh….It is such a beautiful sound !!
Music is just extremely divine
As it has the ability to make everything fine
Music is love, Music is hope
Music is forever, Music has scope….
Be Musical forever !!
Nupur K Ruparelia
Std : 8 C
Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra West


The beats in my chest slowed down. Almost like they had faced the fact that I wasn’t going to live. I stared down at the streets. Tiny cars raced .I felt the saliva in my mouth dry .I stepped upon the edge of the building. One more step and it would be over. I would be free from birth and death. Free from pain.Immortal.Eternal.I looked down again and dizziness rocked my vision. Free.

And then something stopped me. No human but a melody. Its notes spun around my head. The soft, lilting female voice rose and fell. The words suddenly became clear.

Won’t you heal all my wounds?
Won’t you let me see the sky?
Not pitch black but a light blue.
So now the sun comes out
Raining joy on all.
Sing the Psalm, children.
The Psalm all about the
Beauty of life.
The beauty of life. What a joke. Life was dull. Nothing to live for. Failure knocked on every door I tried to open.
Who says, who says you’re not perfect
Who says you’re not worth it?
Who says you’re the only one that’s hurting?
A lot of people. Fat nose, round cheeks, dark skin. Who would consider me remotely pretty?

A voice said. You are pretty. What about the girl who sits three rows down?Her face is caked .You don’t need makeup to look good.

Sure. Like I don’t lack in the brainy part. The medal for being stupid and uncool should go to me.

Lies. You are the smartest person in that school.

Everyone else is so much smarter. If so many people tell me that the answer is wrong then it must be. I should just listen to them,keep mum.

Who has the right to tell you what to do? Only you.

I stopped. Mechanically I turned around and walked down the stairs. Then I turned around and raced into the city that never sleeps with a song in my heart.
Anisha Rao


Music is the greatest creation of man, which touches the soul and also helps man to sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in him. The effect of music in man is what that separates him from other animals. Due to the high effect of music in the life of human being, it is capable of breaking boundaries to unit people from different background and cultural heritage. Indeed, there is lots to say about music being one of the most important factors in the life of human being of all races and religions.

Music is the one thing that can appeal to millions of people from different parts of the world and uplift them emotionally. For that reason, music can easily be used as a sign of peace-offering when there is chaos between people of different origin and background. 

Whether you are a music enthusiast or not, the best way you can express your feelings: anger, love, passion, joy etc is simply through music. It is rightly said that when words and letters fail the next best option is music. You will be able to express the intent of your heart through music which ordinarily may not be possible for you to either do in words or letters.

In most cases, doctors and therapists normally recommend soft music for their patients. This is because, with the effect of the music in the heart and entire being of a sick person, there will be revival of hope of living, joy of existence and happiness in the mind of the sick person making it easy for the him or her to respond positively to treatment.

Music can best be described as wonderful force that is capable of bonding people together and instituting international brotherhood, love as well as peace.

-Leela Addepalli 


गोवर्धन पूजा का विशेष महत्व

भारत मे गोवर्धन पूजा का विशेष महत्व है।इस त्योहार का प्रकृति एवम मानव जीवन से सीधा संबंध है।इस पर्व से संबंधित  कथा इस इस प्रकार है।
देवराज इन्द्र को अपने बल  औऱ ऐश्वर्य का बडा अभिमान हो गया था।उनके इस अभिमान को चूर करने के लिए कृष्ण ने एक लीला रची।बृजवासी पकवान बना कर इन्द्र की पूजा की तैयारी कर रहे थे।कृष्ण ने माँ यशोदा से सवाल पूछा कि किसकी पूजा हो रही है औऱ क्यों?
माता ने उत्तर दिया कि वर्षा आने ka karNa देवराज इन्द्र है अतः उनके प्रति आभार व कृत&ता हेतु yaह kamanaaहो रही है ।इस पर कृष्ण कहते हैं कि इन्द्र की पूजा न कर I
गोवर्धन की पूजा करना उत्तम है क्योंकि गाएँ तो वहीं चरने जाती हैं।इन्द्र यह जानकर क्रोध में भर उठते है।
वर्षा शुरु हो जाती है लगातार सात दिन  तक वर्षा होती रही इस  बीच सभी बृजवासी गाय-बछडों समेत कृष्ण की शरण में जाते हैं ।कृष्ण इनकी रक्षा हेतु गोवर्धन पर्वत को ही अपनी कनिष्ठा उंगली पर उठा लेते हैं ।बलराम के साथ पानी के प्रवाह को रोकते हैं ,गोवर्धन पर्वत के छत्र तले सभी बृजवासियों को व  पशुओं को जीवन दान मिलता है। अंत में इंद्र को एहसास होता है कृष्ण कोई साधारण मानव नहीं है वह ब्रह्मा जी के पास जाते हैं ब्रम्हाजी जब कृष्ण की सच्चाई बताते हैं तो अंदर का अहंकार मिट जाता है एवं कृष्ण से क्षमा मांगते हुए उनकी पूजा करते हैं और उन्हें भोग लगाते हैं किस पौराणिक घटना के बाद गोवर्धन की पूजा होने लगी गायों और बहनों को स्नान करा कर इस दिन उन्हें गुड और चावल खिलाया जाता है इस मिथक में प्राकृतिक संदेशों को मनुष्य तक पहुंचाना और प्रकृति के प्रति कृतज्ञता ज्ञापित करना इस कथा का आधार है ।

नाम चंचल बजोरिया
वासुदेव .सी वाधवा,
आर्य विद्या मंदिर बांद्रा पूर्व

पर्व धनतेरस का

भारत मे हर पर्व किसी न किसी वैगानिक मान्यता पर आधारित होता है।हर पर्व के पीछे कोई न कोई घटना जुडी होती है जो हमें अपने गौरव पूर्ण अतीत का स्मरण कराती है। दीपावली से पूर्व धनतेरस का पर्व आता है इस दिन लोग नए पात्र खरीदते हैं।इसके पीछे मान्यता यह है कि सुरासुर युद्ध मे जब तेरह रत्न निकाले जा चुके थे तब चौदहवां अमृत कलश लेकर स्वयं धनवंतरि प्रकट हुए थे ।
इसलिये इस पर्व को धनवंतरि त्रयोदशी भी कहा जाता है।इस कहानी मे धनवंतरि जैसे आयुर्वेदाचार्य का प्रसंग जुडना उनकी विद्ववत्ता और आयुर्वेद मे उनकी महान प्रवीणता की महत्ता को सिद्ध करता है।
निरोगी  स्वस्थ्य रहना हर व्यक्ति की इच्छा होती है जिसे अमृत कलश ही पूर्ण करता है।शायद इसी लिए यह मिथक इस प्रकरण से जुड़ा।ऐसी भी मान्यता है कि त्रयोदशी के दिन ऋषि धनवंतरि अपना जन्मदिन मनाते हुए लोगों को मुफ्त औषधियाँ वितरित करते थे।लोग औषधि लेने नए पात्र लेकर ही आते थे। इसी से इस पावन पर्व पर नए पात्र (बरतन) खरीदने की परंपरा विकसित हो गई।

नाम- प्रणीति खुराना
आठवीं – स
आर्य विद्या मंदिर विद्यालय बान्द्रा पूर्व

The Guru and his Disciple

Drona, a great teacher,
He taught many legendary creatures,
Arjuna was his favourite disciple,
He liked him for his pious principle.

Drona promised him to make the best,
In any form of archery test,
One day a tribal came to drona seeking knowledge,
And requested him not to acknowledge.

The master asked for his caste,
The tribal revealed the fact atlast,
Drona told him he would only teach upper caste,
And to leave for the palace in great fast.

The tribal eklavya made an idol of his master,
And became an invisible archer,
Once drona and arjuna came to the forest,
The former considered the tribal’s archery the greatest.

Drona asked for tribal’s master,
And was surprised to see his answer,
And demanded his thumb as a gift,
Eklavya offered it as a token of great respect.



Once upon a time, there was a Kuru Dynasty,
The princes of the empire ,
Were brave, courageous and feisty.
Pandavas and Kauravas they were called,
Kauravas were arrogant and spoilt.
But the Pandavas had faith in the lord.

Yudhishtir, Bheem, Arjun, Nakuland and Sahadev,
Were dutiful, chivalrous and brave.
Duryodhan, dushahan, karna and shakuni,
Sowed seeds of enmity.

Draupadi, the five Pandava’s wife,
Was the actual cause of strife.
She was arrogant so,
Arjun won her with his knowledge of the bow.

But Draupadi had to be divided between the five,
So people called her many names,
which stung like bees of a hive.

Yudhishtir and Shakuni played a game of dice,
Yudhishtir lost everything,
Thanks to Shakuni’s vice.

So Draupadi was dragged into the court,
To save her dignity, sadly nobody did vote.

Draupadi, chaste even though,
For vengeanence Bheem took a vow,
“He would drink dushasan’s blood
Also the hundred brothers would soon be mixed in mud.”

The brothers started the fight,
They fought with all their might.

All the Kauravas were dead,
As their grandsire lay on his death bed.
The Pandavas won the battle,
People were slaughtered like cattle.

It was a new beginning,
As the death of Shri Krishna,
Marked the kaliyug coming


Indian Mythology

By Dhruv Kikani, Class 8C, AVM Juhu

One day, as the sun bade goodbye
Over the skin tanned mountains of India
The deities of the Earth looked at the sky
As if in prayer; arms held high.

The forms of Vishnu inspire the heart,
The Mahabharata, to glory.
Rama’s victory over Ravana in part.
Ended the mighty Asuras story.

All of this is stored in books,
On walls, in palaces or holy scriptures.
These stories are more true than they look,
Touching our hearts, which they took.