Black or White

Why I like music !!!

Music to me is very relaxing and soothing, I often find myself listening to my favourite tracks on my Ipod while I sit near my window. Everyone has a favourite song and mine is ‘Black or white’ by Michael Jackson. Some people like to listen to music and some others like to sing. I like to do both. I like to listen to many types of music like pop, jazz and film songs. Music is divine and all should to listen to their favourite music often.


Divya Menon



Hanuman The Devotee Of Lord Ram

By Krish Chandndani, Class 5C, AVMBW

RamJi was the rescuer of Sita ,
HanumanJi the monkey faced God could run faster than a cheetah.
RamJi killed Ravan,
HanumanJi’s father’s name was Pavan.
RamJi was sharing and caring,
HanumanJi, For RamJi was very daring.
One of the incarnation of Lord Vishnu was RamJi ,
To save lakshman , HanumanJi picked up a mountain with many trees.
For RamJi ,HanumanJi could give his life,
He proved it by rescuing RamJi’s wife.