Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Be light to the world,

The Best thing to hold,

Onto in life is each other,

Stand tall, Wear a crown and Be sweet.


Being happy doesn’t mean that,

Everything is perfect.

It means that you have,

Decided to look beyond,

The imperfections.


Don’t worry, Be happy,

Go with the life as it comes.


The best is yet to come !

– By Avni Duggal, Class 4C

Don’t worry , Be happy

Don’t worry , be happy,

Don’t worry , be happy,

Get out of the troubles of life ,

Get out of the troubles of life ,

Sing , dance , do everything you want ,

but don’t worry,

Sing , dance , do everything you want ,

but don’t worry,

Don’t worry , stay cool,

Don’t worry , stay cool,

Have fun all the time ,

Have fun all the time ,

don’t let that smile

fade away from your faces ,

don’t let that smile

fade away from your faces ,

Do not cry ,

Do not cry .

– Shreyas Raut 4C




Along The Mountains

In this summer vacation I went to Matheran, a hill station in the Sahyadri mountain range. What makes Matheran special is that it’s the only hill station in the world where vehicles are not allowed. This unique feature takes you to the old days.

Matheran was discovered by a British Officer Mr. Mallet in 1850. Coincidentally I was in Matheran on its 167th birthday.  There is a vintage toy train that takes people from the base village of Neral to Matheran. The prime attraction is monkeys, who entertain you with naughty tricks all the time.Image result for matheran

Our aim was to do a trek. After brunch we started walking along the western rim of the hills. When I was looking around with binoculars, I spotted a huge honeycomb, thousands of bees were buzzing around it.

Matheran is a paradise for nature lovers. It provides you with fresh air and lots of greenery to cool you down. The horse rides along the muddy tracks are very thrilling. An annual visit to Matheran is a must for every Mumbaikar.


Dhyan Ashar


AVM Bandra West

संगीत एक पूजा

संगीत, नृत्य , गायन और संगीत वाद्य  का संयोजन है।  यह इश्वर तक पहुँचने का एक तरीका है ।  संगीत में इतनी शक्ति है की वो हमें कभी हंसाता है तो कभी रुला भी देता है।  जब मियां तानसेन ने राग मल्हार गाया , तो वर्षा होने लगी।
जैसे परमेशवर एक है , सर्वजगत में संगीत भी एक है। यह कहा जा सकता है की देवताओं की भाषा ही संगीत है। सूफ़ी संगीत ,भजन और पश्चिमी क्वायर ,दुनिया के अलग -अलग कोनों से एक ही ईश्वर को पुकारते  है ।
लेखिका : काव्या गाँधी 
           कक्षा :४-सी 

संगीत की पूजा

संगीत है हम को बहुत प्यारा
सुनकर उसे शांत हो जाता मन हमारा ।
समस्या से जब पड़ता है पाला

संगीत ही सभी दुखों का निवारण वाला ।।

चाहे हो क़व्वाली या कोई बालीवुड गाना
सुनकर उसे ख़ूब है आनंद उठाना ।

सुनें संगीत को जब अकेले हों किसी सफ़र पर

या जब मज़ा करने आएँ मित्र घर पर ।।

कभी माहौल में है रंग जमाता
कभी किसी की याद है दिलाता ।
संगीत बसा है हमारे तन मन में
एक अनोखा नाता बन जाता है बचपन से ।।

संगीत का नहीं होता कोई जात या धर्म
सब को सुखी रखना है उसका कर्म ।
एेसे संगीत की हम करते हैं पूजा
इस दुनिया में संगीत से सुरीला न कोई दूजा ।।

सना आहलूवालूलिया
कक्षा : 4 C

Indian Mythology 

By Avantika Chandra, Class 4C, AVM Juhu

  1. Scientific Reason Behind Joining Both Palms To Greet:

In Hindu culture, joining both palms together to greet means paying respect to others. It is called as “Namaskar”. However, scientifically speaking joining hands ensures joining tips of all the fingers together, which are denoted to the pressure points of eyes, ears and mind. Pressing them activates the pressure points which help us remember that person for a long time.

  1. Scientific Reason Behind Applying Kumkum /Bindi On The Forehead Of The Hindu Ladies:

On the forehead between the two eyebrows is a spot that is considered as a main nerve point in human body. In Hindu culture, the Kumkum is believed to prevent the loss of energy and retain it within the body and control various levels of concentration. While applying Kumkum the points on the mid-brow region are automatically pressed. This also helps in blood flow to the facial muscles.

Shanta — The Forgotten sister

By Nayna Taneja, Class 4C, AVMJuhu

A few days back, I saw a serial on Indian mythology and learnt that lord Ram had a sister .In so many years that I heard mythological stories I had never heard of this one.

Shanta was Kaushalaya’s and king Dashratha’s daughter who was given in adoption to king Anga. She was married to a rishi who performed yagna that gave king Dashratha his sons.

I found this part of the epic very interesting to know how a daughter went out of the way, sacrificed her life to fulfill her father’s wish. It was also interesting for me as I heard this story for the first time from the very famous epic ‘Ramayana’.