Death-A divine sleep

Death is a soothing sleep,

While sleep is like a partial death,

In contrast when in sleep,

You’re never out of breath.

The eyes are shut,

You can’t even cry,

Heart beats no more,

When the body is to die.

But the soul being immortal,

Stays young forever,

It will feel the peace,

Which it had not felt ever.

Senses just vanish away,

Sufferings and emotions are felt no more,

Soul reaches a divine state,

Which it felt never before.

The soul can recall nothing,

All memories just fade,

Death is an inevitable stage,

Which Mother nature has made.

Do not fear death,

It’s a divine sleep away from earth,

It’s just a small path,

From an old life to a new born birth.

~Krish Kheskani

Hunger for success

The ones who left,

When they were needed,

left you in dark,

When for their torch you pleaded.

Probably this happened,

As better friends you deserved,

Now with the new friends,

Your seat is reserved.

The pain the old ones gave,

Was sharp like spears,

It hit really hard,

And left you in tears,

They left you with wounds,

And how badly you bled,

“Sorry I can’t support you”,

That’s all they said.

They talked about you,

Taunted you and abused,

Yes so you’ve realised finally,

That you were just being used.

Today in life,

You’ve got all you needed,

living a lifestyle millions desire,

Yes you’ve succeeded.

You’re the best at your job,

Now you own a billion dollars,

Leaving the betrayers speechless,

Who thought they were ballers.

You’ve got a million followers,

Your fans want your autographs,

Newspapers print about you,

Media clicks your photographs.

Your left behind betrayers,

Are now in a shock,

You’ve succeeded in life,

While all they did was talk.

Now at your door they knock,

“Let’s be friends”they pleaded,

Now its your turn to say,

“You’re no more needed”

~Krish Kheskani


The divine angel,

Who gave me birth,

Held me in her womb,

To bless me life on earth.

Talking to her,

Enlightens my mood,

Better than any restaurant,

Is her home made food.

She is always by my side,

No matter what,

She can see it on my face,

Whether I’m happy or not.

The one who taught,

And saw my first walk,

Me without her is like a,

Key without a lock.

As babies all have had,

A calm peaceful long nap,

In the place where we felt safe,

It is a mother’s lap.

She Taught me human values,

Heard my  first spoken words,

Made me sleep singing a lullaby,

Melodious like chirping of birds.

She is my first and forever friend,

Together we’ve cried and smiled,

No matter how old I am,

For her I’m just her child.

~Krish Kheskani


Stepping on the pitch,

Feeling the bat in your hands,

Looking at the bowler,

Adjusting your stance.

Swinging the bat,

Hitting the ball really fine,

That feeling of satisfaction,

When it crosses the boundary line.

Bowling really fast,

Right onto the stumps,

Shocking the batsman,

Giving him goosebumps.

Scoring a hundred,

Or taking a wicket,

Are all priceless moments,

Of this wonderful game cricket.

A direct throw on the stump,

A spectacular diving catch,

Hitting a six on the last ball,

Winning an important match.

Playing for hours,

In the strong summer heat,

You will find cricket being played,

In every indian street.

~Krish Kheskani

10 A

Experience is the greatest teacher in life

Things learnt through experience are the ones we remember for a lifetime. Like a good teacher, the lessons experience teach us are pretty thorough and ignore them at your own peril. They leave a lasting impression upon us. Let us warrant ourselves take a comic, yet incredibly deep example. Suppose we were to journey(only in spirit, that is) to a household like any other, where a child, curious about fire, tries to thrust his finger into it. The message could not have been told clearer to him, even if you had screamed it into his little ears. His mind, at this point, understands, through experience that FIRE HURTS! He will, notwithstanding the scar he might have incurred, remember it for life. So it is with all of us who test ourselves with the fires of life, and learn through the experience we gather. I too, remember an incident that truly taught me an important, but painful lesson.

It was Sport’s Day, and I had decided to play to my strengths, participate in athletics. The day of the race, I was as ready to win as though I had already won it, all I had to do was go and take my medal. I ran as if my life depended on it, but after the first round, I noticed everybody was far behind me. This is when I faltered, I became overconfident. I actually stopped running and, just a dozen meters from the finish line, stopped running. It was enough for the guys in the back to catch up, whirling past me and dashing my dreams of getting that medal into dust. I cried and I cried, but the biting truth I learned, the experience of that race, has stood by me, and taught me a valuable lesson.

People could also learn from the words of wise men, who in turn have penned down all that they have from their experience, but the thing is, it doesn’t take on meaning, it remains another jumble of words on a piece of paper, unless we actually live those words. Mind, this is not always the easiest way to learn, so if you’d prefer to keep safe, you are free to do so. But, experience is the fountainhead of all knowledge.

Life is one great journey and experience is the best teacher we can possibly come across. Learning the true value of patience and forbearance when in times of adversity, accumulating wisdom from our mistakes…. it’s all there, we just need to learn about it all

“Education helps people read, difficulty helps drive them, but experience equips them.” Therefore, we must learn from our experiences, as ” The battle of life is by no means easy, but experience is your best leading path”

Krishita Pasari


AVM, Juhu

dont worry be happy

Don’t worry, be happy.

How’s that for a philosophy on life.  Four simple words, one profound statement.

This all started when we talked about fear a couple of weeks ago.  One thing that was a re-occurring theme was the idea behind fear and that it is oftentimes rooted in worry.  And, listening to this song – and the simple words and actions that go along with it – made me think about worry in our lives today.

Do you worry?  About your health?  About the exams?  About your next assignment?   About your homework?  I could go on and on.  Worry.  We, as a whole, can (and do) worry about pretty much everything.  The economy is struggling.  There is much unrest in many parts of the world.  Our streets are rich with crime.  Despite modern medical advances, sickness and disease still permeate our neighborhoods.  There’s enough out there to keep us worrying constantly.  And that’s without all of our own very personal and individual problems.

Some worry is hard to avoid.  Worrying about a spouse, a child, another loved one – for instance.  These are worries out of love.  These are difficult worries to overcome.  Because they are rooted in love.  Some worries, though, are just idle worries.

What, exactly, does worry get us?  Think about it for a minute.  What good comes from worry?  Idle worry. Superficial worry.  Worry without any action.  Does this do any good?  Does sitting around, worrying – will I have a job tomorrow – does that do you any good?  No.  Or how about worrying about – did I pass that test? – does that do any good?  No.  It only “…saps today of its joy.”, as Leo Buscaglia says.

So, what do you choose today?  What do you choose the next time that “thing” arises that puts uncertainty into your life – and you are ready to retreat into your world of worry?  The choice is yours.  You can choose to worry.  Or.  Or you can choose to act.  To do something.

The inevitable.  Some things we just can’t control.  So, aren’t we better off pushing worry aside?  And living our lives.  There will be good in our lives.  And there will be some bad in our lives.  Worrying about any of this is not going to change this fact.  What can change these facts are actions, by us.

Today.  You have a choice.  You can choose to worry when life confronts you with it’s challenges.  Or you can choose to live your life.  Taking care of what you do have control over.  Yourself.  Your actions.

What do you choose?

Don’t worry, be happy…

Shalin Ghosh


AVM Juhu

चिन्ता छोड़ो , प्रसन्न रहो ।

चिन्ता छोड़ो , प्रसन्न रहो ।


दुनिया में आए हो तुम
चिन्ता क्यों करते हो मौत कि तुम
जीना है तुम्हें एक बार
मरते हो तुम क्यों बार बार
जीवन मिला एक तुम्हें अनमोल
खुदकुशी क्यों करते हो तुम।

रोए हो तुम हँसने की चाह में
गिरे हो तुम खड़े होने की चाह में
चले हो तुम दौड़ने की चाह में
गलती किए हो तुम सुधारने की चाह में
कुछ खोए बिना पा नहीं सकते
हारे नहीं हो तुम जीत नहीं सकते ।

गम के बिना न है इंसान कोई
संघर्ष के बिना ना पाया मंज़िल कोई
खिलते हुए चेहरे को देखो
रोते हुए चेहरे को पूँछों
हँसते रहो हँसाते रहो
ये ज़िंदगी तुम्हारी है जीते रहो ।

Tanya Varma

Class: 8B


Don’t worry be happy

Its alright to be a bit naughty,

You just have time till your forty.

Enjoy the gift of life, for it is just too short,

Be happy always whether you like it or not.

Look at the stars twinkling all night,

Showing us the path, with its tiny little light,

Look at your garden with so many flowers –

Red, yellow, pink, violet and in so many colours

Look at the birds chirping all through the day ,

They keep flying along, quite happy at bay.

Look at the creatures,  all around the place ,

Quite confident and calm, as they have nothing to chase .

This is all but nature , get inspired by it ,

Stop worrying , ever , so you will be healthy and fit !!!

Shruti Ananthan- 5 C




I have been to the hills and I live by the sea,

I have been to Singapore and swum in the Malayan sea,

I went to see Singapore’s little India…

Yet the real India awaits me!


I try to use the chopsticks in Mumbai,

But real fun would be to use them in Shanghai.

I have seen the Ganges and I’ve seen the Narmada,

But I wonder where they meet?


I haven’t seen the Taj-Mahal nor the Eiffel tower,

And yet there are 5 more wonders remaining to see!

The tribes and elephants of Africa enchant me,

I am yet to meet the seals and penguins of Iceland,

I haven’t climbed a mountain yet, But I dream to sing

the National Anthem on top of the Everest!


I want to wander with a backpack

And sometimes take a suitcase too!

Now I have to go with my parents,

But someday I will wander alone!

Once I have covered the earth,

I still have 7 more planets to see!


Stuti Pandya

Class 6 B


Education Today

With several educational options available to students today, newer trends are emerging in this field which has completely changed the traditional perceptions about education in India. Several career options that were earlier not considered to be traditional have emerged as the most sought after education and career options. Various career options in like radio jockeying, radio management, news anchoring, program anchoring, news reading and reporting for the electronic media, content writing, fashion designing and event management have opened up several newer avenues for education.

The Indian education system has vastly changed from the old gurukul system, however, many core values of the traditional system are still embedded within today’s system of education. Nevertheless, many changes are also being brought up nowadays.

Online Education is fast becoming a vastly used mode of education among students. Enrolling to regular courses is increasingly getting highly competitive in India; so online education and distance education has come as a wonderful alternative and several students opt for this. As the term itself suggests, online education means web based learning. So, the methods used for implementing online education may differ from institute to institute.

Traditional study courses like medicine, engineering and other subjects still have lots of demand. However, with the changing trends in the global and national economic scenario newer courses are fast emerging as alternative. The recent trends in education have certainly shown a deviation from the earlier trends.


Dhruv Kikani


AVM Juhu



Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Yesterday: India’s economy was in jeopardy. Unemployment rate was at its highest. Our countrymen faced various problems like poverty, illiteracy, malnutrition, starvation and lack of medical facilities. Rigid and backward customs like child marriage were prevalent. Women were oppressed and there was discrimination based on race, class and gender.

Today: India state has improved drastically. We now have nuclear power plants and have made advancements in space research. Our defense forces our powerful and our economy is the developing. Women have equal rights as men and can compete against men in any field of their choice. Our quota and reservation system for the underprivileged and backward classes has educated thousands. We now have internet and mobile network facilities which have greatly improved our lifestyle standard.

Tomorrow: What will India be? Will it grow into a superpower or remain stagnant? Our future depends upon the governments choices of today.


Evolving Education

Classroom teaching boards have evolved over a period of time starting from blackboards to whiteboards to projector screens used by teachers and from writing slates to books to electronic gadgets like tablets, iPads and mobiles used by students.

Erasable slates had been used for centuries. Even today in villages slates are the favoured medium for writing. However, slates were small and needed to be erased time and again. Information could not be preserved in them.

Blackboards and chalk is still a widely used method. However, the chalks, despite being a cheap medium for classroom training, create a lot of dust and are difficult to grip for writing.

Whiteboards are used my many schools. It is much easier to write on them with a whiteboard marker and it is also easier to read.

Projector screens have made teaching and learning fun, friendly and flexible. The teachers use charts, diagrams, videos and presentations to make learning easier.

With new technologies, we expect more advances in the field of education to make education more fun.

मराठी भाषा दिवस

२७ फेब्रुवारी हा दिवस मराठी साहित्याचा मानदंड कुसुमाग्रज  यांचा जन्मदिवस, हा दिवस ‘मराठी भाषा दिवस’ म्हणून साजरा केला जातो.

त्याच प्रमाणे आर्य विद्या मंदिर जुहु येथेही आम्ही मराठी दिवस दरवर्षी साजरा करतो. ह्यावर्षी २६ फेब्रुवारी रोजी प्राथमिक विभागाच्या वर्गांनी मराठी रंगारंग कार्यक्रम सादर केला. पहिलीच्या मुलांची बडबड गीते खूप लोभस होती, दुसरीची मुले ससे व फुलपाखरू बनून बागडली तर तिसरीच्या मुलांनी एकपात्री नाट्य ‘समाजसेवक’ प्रस्तुत केले. ‘झाडे वाचवा’ हे कठपुतली नाटक एक सुंदर संदेश देऊन गेले. नऊ वर्षीय सीमांत काळे गायला ‘शूरआम्हीसरदार..’, ह्या पोवाड्याने रोमांचक वातावरण निर्माण केले. तिसरीच्या मुलांनी ‘जय जय महाराष्ट्र माझा’ ह्या जोशिल्या गाण्याने मराठी भाषेला मनाचा मुजरा करून सर्वांचे मन जिंकले. चौथीच्या मुलांचा कोळी नाच सर्वस्तुत्य ठरला.

प्रधानाचार्या सौ अलका अग्रवाल यांनीराज्यभाषेचे महत्व मुलांना समजावून दिले. त्याच प्रमाणे पुढील शैक्षणिकसत्र पासून मराठी विषयाचा पाचवी पासून समावेश होणार असल्याची खुशखबर दिली!


By Sai Sankhe, Class 6B, AVM Juhu

Let us go to the land of Ayodhya,
To hear about Ram and Sita,
Who left to go to the forest,
Just on their father’s request,
There, the demon Ravana came in disguise,
And Sita fell a prey to his vice,
In a land overseas, after a fierce fight,
Dawned a day where good prevailed over evil might,
Ravana fell down in the battle field,
Sita was freed from his yield,

In Mahabharata, they worshipped beautiful deities,
It is magical realism,war and victory,
The final outcome for the five Pandavas was glory,
This ended the heartless Kauravas story.

Today, we think about
These epics and say that,
Indian mythology was great,
A special ‘Thank You’ to Valmiki, VedVyasa
And all the others,
Who spoke and wrote like brilliant authors.


By Manya Chopra, Class 4B, AVM Juhu

Krishna and Radha,
Rama and Sita,
They are our tradition,
And preserving it is our mission.
We should respect it,
We should honour it,
We should protect it,
And we should follow it.
Many generations have passed,
But we must remember mythology till last,
Our tradition is fading,
So we must start it’s mending.
Ramayana and Mahabharata,
Vishnu Puran and Gita,
They are our traditional books,
And are more spiritual than they look.
With technology and science,
India has taken rise,
We have forgotten mythology,
In this world of technology.