Joy Of Giving And Sharing

What is Joy of giving

Joy of giving is created by God himself,

which is natural and enlighten by itself,

When we give something

The receiver becomes happy,

And by seeing his smile,

We also become happy.

Give anything be in cash or kind

Give your smile or your help or just

Your time..

Give a little if you cant give a lot,

Give it to those , who need it the most

While its good to receive, its more rewarding far to give

The sweetest thing while I shall live

Is truly learning far to give.

When our body is hungry,

We give food to it.

This food for our soul is giving,

This is called the joy of giving.

By Aarush Dwarkani


AVM, Juhu.

The Ultimate Experience

It happened one December night

And a dark night it was then,

He was shivering with fright

The bravest of the men

Soon to faint from an awful sight 

Of the blood of his ten best men,

Then he saw a note which read, 

“This is only the start of the sleight.”

The next morning, he received a huge shock,

He was shaken up; to the President he went to talk,

‘Dear Mr. President, sir…’ he said

And soon he revealed his morose story,

From both ends were tears shed.

Their tears together could fill a lorry,

“Oh no, that’s miserable!” the President groaned, 

“I lost the cable”, he moaned.

The VR goggles suddenly went black, 

The instructor shouted, “Time out boy!”

Now it’s time to get back on track,

That was just a VR experience, given to you by your beloved Troy.

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

There is joy in giving and sharing,

Joy in lending a helping hand,

Joy in making someone smile,

And making this world a Buddha land

There is joy in sharing a piece of your cake,

Joy in making someone’s day shine,

Joy in giving and sharing love,In saying that “Hey you are mine!”.

Giving and sharing is the way of life,

cause one day you  might also be in the line,

and if you have not shared you will have to pay

As nobody will care a dine.

So if you have not experienced this joy

Just do it now as it’s never too late,

Because as you sow so shall you reap,

And it’s merely not just fate!

Akash V Modi

9 B

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

You get back what you give to share,

It may be a smile,

Or a sandwich tile.

It may be a tear,

Or a friendly gear.

It may be a life experience,

Or something you say about someone’s appearance.

It may be love,

Or your lucky dove.

It may be friendship,

Or your little trend ship.

It may be your favourite teddy bear,

Or an angry flare,

Or it could even be a dare!

But how do you care?

I’ll tell you,

When you give and share,

You get things back as cute as your hare,

With an added happiness flare.

Kaashish Agrawal

9 A

VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

From the joyous faces to the fulfilling reactions,
making you feel happy.
and adding to list of good deeds,
and interactions.
Behind the happiness of living ,
is the secret of giving.

From the kid on the road,
to your peers,
shortcomings are one thing,
that everyone fears.
Helping someone with their trouble,
is better than ,
ignoring them with a mumble.

The smile that has ,
the power to melt a frozen heart.
Behind that smile,
is a move ever so smart.
A selfish brain is of no use,
the only thing it can give,
is a bruise.

The smile of the receiver,
is very contagious.
It spreads more joy ,
than any fuss.
Stopping the tears from being shed.

Exchanging the tears with happy thoughts,
which they have before going to bed.
Behind the happiness of living,
is the secret of sharing and giving.

Gayathri Jayesh
VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

The Things You Share

The things you share,
You get them back.
It may be a pair of clothes,
Or even a bag pack.

The joy when you give and share,
Is the best feeling in the World.
It may be love and care,
Or even an anger rue.

You can share a smile,
You shall get it back.
Or something to a needy person,
Like a food item that is packed.

At the end of the day,
You get what you give,
A smile beaming,
Like a ray 🙂

Rashi Tanna

VCW Arya Vidya Mandir,

Bandra East

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

Giving and sharing takes away from us,

Does it give us something in return?

O, yes! It does, it definitely does!

It gives us a basketful of smiles

Smiling on you and

The shine of delight on every inch of you

It lightens up your heart 

filled with happiness and glee

It makes you feel

Proud and nice

I shared a chocolate

with my friend,

I felt happy when I saw 

her glad and a big smile on her face

On my granny’s birthday,

I gave her a hug, and Lo! What I got

A bagful of blessings 

that no one ever got!

I petted a stray pup

And gave him some food

In joy, it wagged its tail

And licked me on my foot

It takes a lot of time to think

About sharing and giving

something to someone

But once you decide…

Don’t even wait for a second!!!

Sadhika Patankar 4 C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

The heart within you
beats with joy,
when you give and share
with a gesture of care.

Do you feel happiness
when you provide help to a beggar,
knowing he will be warm at night
because of your caring nature?

Or do you build a bond
with a friend of yours,
when you share food
which boosts up your mood?

Or the flutter of joy
you give to an old lady,
when you spend some time with her
when she’s lonely?

This is the purity and grace
in helping someone set their pace.
Share with them your stories and listen to theirs,
and see their faces fill with growing joy.

Do not fear oblivion,
as when you love and share
your legacy shall always be there.

And when you share a smile
you win someone’s heart,
like a darkness at night
catching the star-light.

This is the joy shared
when we care.
like a light that’s given
from a candle to the air.

  • Tanushree Jain
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir, Bandra East


Do you feel a little flicker
When for that man you pay the bus fare?
Or when you buy a kid a cookie?
That’s joy you feel, because you give and share.

This joy you feel, is the basis of
The human race and all things living,
Because the happiness of our lives lies in
The joy of sharing and giving.

It is a feeling so pure, so true, so incredibly good
That it brightens up the world,
You can spread it with some candy or
With a simple nice word!
The respect of a peer you gain
When you give them what they need.
You make an amazing new friend
By doing a simple good deed!

Envision the joy on that poor mother’s face
When you hand some money to her little boy without mace.
Ignoring them and walking by,
Would deprive them of happiness and a little toy!

Imagine the joy you ignite
When you give up your bus seat for someone!
Yes, you lose a bus seat
But someone’s respect you earn!

Donate your toys to an orphanage,
And see the orphan who was found at the small tower.
Observe the indescribable joy on her face because
You let her know she’s loved and cared for.

You can give your friend a shoulder to cry on,
A person to talk to when they are sad,
Someone who they can freely trust,
And someone who will sit beside them when they are mad.

Your smile has the power
To ignite joy and remove pain.
Your kind words have power,
Because someone’s inhibitions they have slain.

We should put the power we have to good use
To treat people with kindness and create a rare ecstasy.
To create in someone’s distraught life,
A beautiful, happy fantasy.

Your life is not measured by your marks, your coolness
Or the money you earn.
It is measured by the happiness you have created
And the good deeds you have done.

Everyone’s biggest fear is oblivion-
The fear of not being remembered and having done nothing.
Well, with giving and sharing you have nothing to fear
Because you created joy and that is something.

  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra East

Experience- The greatest teacher in life

Once upon a time I remember,

When I was quite young a friend,

I fell off the swing in school,

And in blood, my shirt was drenched.

Weeping and crying I spent an hour,

As I had broken my nose alright,

I called my mother thrice back then,

When she finally arrived with a sprite.

She took me to the hospital immediately,

And got me treated in a jiffy,

For two weeks I had a plaster on my nose,

Which slowly managed to unfold.

I was fine after then,

When my father came back from his trip,

He saw the band-aid on my nose,

And then with a smile he said

“What happened to my dear Princess,

Did she have a fall?

Never mind, its just a scratch,

You’re a braveheart after all.”

He taught me the lesson of my life,

To never be scared.

Such small things keep happening he thought,

But we had to keep trying again.

He believed people learn from mistakes,

And many happenings in life,

A small failure or fall isn’t the end,

Because experience is my teacher, my friend.

  • Swaraa Sule
  • Class 9A
  • V.C.W Arya Vidya Mandir (BE)

Who is the Greatest Teacher in life?

Who is the greatest teacher in life?

Experience is the greatest teacher in life,

Experience is a medicine given to us  by the past,

It is used for the present like a bow tied on fast.

Experience always helps us, 

In matters we can’t even think of,

Experience is gained from the past,

With an effect to the present.

Experience is what everybody has,

Like the person who now knows he likes classic and not jazz,

Experience tells something very important,

Like always camping with a campfire and a friend.

Experience teaches us a lot about life,

Like India knew it was time to strive,

Experience is something that nobody can teach,

Exactly how love cannot be preached.

Experience tells us things we like or not,

Like we know a war is not to be fought,

Experience is what makes us big ,

And not be tall nor fat like a pig.

Experience tells us who is our friend,

And helps us to be fit in the end,

Love is something what a friend lends,

Which is likely to help us blend.

  • By Maalav Desai
  • Class 9A
  • VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

Greatest Teacher


Books are our greatest teachers,

They have many unique features,

And they have many interesting stories like preachers,

Computers, tablets and notepads are not as much fun,

Because they merely get our work done,

Adventure, fiction, mystery and drama,

Without books in life there would be no ‘Hungama’,

There are many emotions to be dealt,

Through story books most of them can be felt,

With books of knowledge, we graduate and move to college,

But nowadays books have lost their charm,

because people on phones and tablets have lost peace and calm,

They look for things that can be  done with a swipe,

So to keep turning pages they  have no time in life,

But friends , this is the sad fact,

That if we forget books ,

There will be no Imagination left.

Aahan Gopalakrishna , V-B    


After sharing and giving I get so much Joy,
like when I play with my favourite toy.

When I share I am not unfair
As I really do care.

I like to share, I like to give, 
That is one of the purposes I live.

I share money, I share food,
Even when I am in a really bad mood.

When I share my heart fills up with fresh air, 

I just like to share,
As I really do care.

Mst. Aarav Parekh

Std V – B


I like sharing
Because I am caring.

Walking on the road
Holding a heavy load.

Saw some people asking for food
I was in a good mood.

I gave them some apple
And found a leaf of maple .

I wondered why it came to me
Oooh! because wind blew it to me.

Thought it to be God’s blessing
For my act of giving and sharing

I liked that day of sharing
Because I am caring

—–Pranjal Mishra V B, AVM(BW)

The Past: A lesson for the future

Past, present, future three phases of life,
And among them; PAST a lesson to touch the skies.
What is Past?
A lesson for future, is what they broadcast,
It’s like a small child’s lie; you do not repeat it but you don’t even forget it.
It tells us to think like never before and,
Tells us that there is something more to explore.
It also tells us,
Never overlook the faults and mistakes,
Learn from them.
Don’t remember it for the sake of it, instead,
Remember it as the idea or warning for the new step.
The past, tells us our destiny,
It reminds us of the mistakes we made accidentally,
It warns us for the every new step we take,
And deprivesus if we went through it or if it’s just at stake.
Thus, don’t forget the past,
Don’t hide it,
Don’t conceal it,
Until you know it’s the best time to showcase it.

Tirth Rathod
AVM Bandra(East)

Past…A Lesson for the Future 

Past…A Lesson for the Future


One night as I lay in bed

I got talking to myself…

I remembered the day and the days gone by,

And I thought..


With each passing day, what do I learn ?

When I got late

I learnt to manage time..

When I got my tables wrong

I learnt to give it more time..

When there wasn’t a drop on the tap

I learnt to save each and every drop ….

When I lost my shoes,  my spectacles and ID card too

I learnt to be more careful –

so as to not to lose myself too…


There’s a lesson in each moment for us to learn,

The past is a book with much to learn…

What the future holds no one can tell-

But I have no fear for I have learnt my lessons well..!


..- Sara Garg




Poem of the past

A past of tears,

Never fear.

A past of regret,

No need to fret.

A past of sorrow,

There’s always tomorrow.


The past is a preacher,

The past is a teacher.

The past preaches to be filled with glee,

The past teaches how to be free.


A past filled with humanity,

A past full of insanity.

A past filled with history,

A past full of mystery.


A past too cheerful,

A past so tearful.

A past filled with merry times,

A past full of terrible crimes.


The past might be a teacher,

The past might be a preacher,

But never the judge of tomorrow’s future.


By Sarosh Homavazir


VCW AVM, Bandra East

Science – Reflection of reality

Centuries ago, Isaac Newton invented certain laws

Which indeed had many flaws,

But step by step he showed his might,

By proving the extraordinary power of his mind.

Fahrenheit, Celsius and Kelvin

 Invented an important instrument of our time,

The thermometers we use today ,

When People care for us at times.

Not inventions that is,

Discoveries matter too,

All the scientists who discover  diseases,

And help in their treatment too.

But all this was long ago,

In the times of Chacha Nehru and Gandhi Ji,

Today 71 years after independence,

We still carry on the ventures forth,

Through different ways of technology.

NASA, ISRO and many other renowned space stations,

Tell us about the world outside earth,

Which we didn’t know even existed,

Extra terrestrials, did we?

They were unknown.

But don’t you think its cool to say,

Where our world is going,

Looking at the kids of the current age,

What are they doing!!!!

Books have been replaced by kindles,

Radios by ipods too,

Google by amazons alexa,

And knowledge with yahoo.

But it isn’t a good thing to call this bad,

For we know that we are progressing,

Even though not by the means of the old ways

But knowing that the future is in safe hands,

Of the many generations yet to come,

They will surely have the plan.

Reality is nothing but science,

For everything is so natural as well,

But don’t worry my fellow humans,

The apple will still fall from the tree my friend.

–           Swaraa Sule

–           8 C

–            VCW Arya Vidya Mandir

A star in my handbook

I did not study at all this Sunday

And no doubt I messed my Dictation on Monday


So when Miss gave a note on Tuesday

That there would be a test again on Thursday

I made up my mind to learn from Sunday


So, not to repeat what happened on Monday

I studied all through Tuesday and Wednesday

And oh! How joyful I came home on Thursday

As I had remembered all that I had studied on Tuesday and Wednesday


And hence , I got a STAR in my hand book on Friday

And I had a great great time studying and playing on Saturday and Sunday


Jayorit Bagchi – III B


Past- A lesson for the present…

Everyone has made mistakes in the past,

But you should learn from your mistakes fast.

By losing in the past; in the present you win,

Do not repeat the mistake, repeating it is a sin.


The teacher named past it is the greatest of all,

It tutors us to stand after we fall.

No matter what ,it never gives up on us,

It will do its job, even if it has to make us fuss.


The past also has great achievements to show,

When today becomes yesterday these achievements will grow.

The invention of zero and Ayurveda are some that I name.

They glorify our country and bring us fame.

There were several wars and ill practices in the past,

Along with discrimination based on colour and caste.

The present has learnt and now the world is a better place,

Let’s hope that these social ills are uncommon to the next era of our race.


Thanks to the past, now we know what to do,

We detach the evil and the good things we glue.

We know what’s important and what is a waste of time,

We know that the negative is to be removed and positive is to mime.


The present will knock, when the past will go,

But the roots remain same and the same scars to show.

It makes you stronger, falling in the past is no shame,

Take life as it comes, enjoy the game!


Krish Chandnani