The Ultimate Experience

It happened one December night

And a dark night it was then,

He was shivering with fright

The bravest of the men

Soon to faint from an awful sight 

Of the blood of his ten best men,

Then he saw a note which read, 

“This is only the start of the sleight.”

The next morning, he received a huge shock,

He was shaken up; to the President he went to talk,

‘Dear Mr. President, sir…’ he said

And soon he revealed his morose story,

From both ends were tears shed.

Their tears together could fill a lorry,

“Oh no, that’s miserable!” the President groaned, 

“I lost the cable”, he moaned.

The VR goggles suddenly went black, 

The instructor shouted, “Time out boy!”

Now it’s time to get back on track,

That was just a VR experience, given to you by your beloved Troy.

फाइनल मैच

मेरा अनुभव है एक फुटबॉल प्रतियोगिता के मैच का । कुल मिलाकर प्रतियोगिता में सात मैच थे, परन्तु मेरे बीमारी के कारण, में केवल चार मैच खेल पाया ।
वह तीन मैच न खेल कर मुझे लगा की मैंने अपनी टीम को आड़े वक्त पर दगा दिया था । पर वे तीनों मैच जीत गए । मैं फूला न समाया कि मेरी टीम वह तीनो मैच जीत गयी । मैं बेहद खुश था कि हम फाइनल में पहुंचने में सफल रहे ।
ठीक होकर, मैंने वह आखरी मैच मेरी टीम के साथ खेला ।
यह एक बहुत रोमांचक खेल था और हम अंतिम लक्ष्य को सफलतापूर्वक हासिल करने में सक्षम थे । इससे मैंने सीखा कि एकता और आत्मविश्वास में बल है । अंत में हमने विजय ही पाया । यह मेरे जीवन का एक अत्यंत महत्वपूर्ण अनुभव था ।

  • राज ब्रोकर ‘८ ‘ – ‘ बी ‘

मेरा अनुभव

ज़िन्दगी की जंग में जीतना आसान नहीं होता, परन्तु अपने अनुभवों से सीखकर हम बेशक इस ज़िन्दगी की चुनौती को सुगमता से पार कर सकते हैं । अनुभवी इंसान ही सदा जीवन में सफल होता हैं, नाकि जिसके पास अत्यंत ज्ञान का भंडार हैं । ज्ञानी व्यक्ति उस ज्ञान को परखना जानता है । जीवन में सफलता पाना आसान है, पर सही तरीके से उस सफलता को जीवन के गहरे समुद्र में लागू करना महत्वपूर्ण हैं । अनुभव एक आत्मशक्ति हैं, उसका जीवन में सही इस्तेमाल कर, हम जीवन में संपन्न हो सकते हैं । जीवन का प्रत्येक बढ़ता कदम हमेशा कोई न कोई सीख छोड़ जाता हैं । उस से ही हमारा बल और मन की शक्ति सही दिशा में सिद्ध होता हैं ।
– रिद्धिमा पंजवाणी – 9C


It is true that we learn from our experience.  Every experience teaches us something valuable. 

A child never expected that he could win an art competition, but when he did, he was elated.  He would have then learnt, never to think low of himself.

One night I was watching a horror movie.  My parents tried to stop me but their advice fell on deaf ears. As I continued, a chill ran down my spine and I turned pale.  I ran to bed.  I started getting nightmares, tossed and turned and woke up literally frozen.  This experience surely taught me that I must never watch horror movies at night and obey my parents.

A teacher in school plays an important role in our life.  She teaches us according to curriculum.  We come home, revise our work and start feeling that we know everything.  But until we go through an exam, it cannot be judged how much we have understood.

I love food and an interesting recipe of a scrumptious dish always fascinates me.  But only after I have tasted it, can I tell whether it is as delicious as it sounded.

Looking at the experiences I have narrated, few of them my own, I truly believe Experience is the Greatest Teacher.  We must learn from it and keep as our future guide.

Monnit Relwani 5C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

In the world some people may be bad and some people might be good. We have 5 fingers and they all are different. They all want to be united. The same happens, we like someone but resent someone. Actually it is crucial to have them all. That’s how we learn about the world. We should try to share things. Sharing things doesn’t mean sharing with classmates and friends, only. It also means to share something with the poor. Once I saw in an episode of KBC, a man from an NGO mentioned that from one Indian wedding, they could feed more than 1000 poor families. IMAGINE! They learnt the Joy of sharing and giving. When we will start sharing, we will also be filled with joy. Have you heard the proverb ‘sharing is caring’. You will feel awesome by sharing with someone. If someone asks you for a game, you may not want to give it. But the moment you see their joy, it will make you smile. My maternal grandparents on their birthdays and anniversaries distribute food items to society staff, watchmens, maids, vegetable vendors etc. The joy I see on their face on receiving it and the happiness on grandparents face on distributing it is amazing. All I want to say is, all should start sharing and giving. We simply make the future, of others and ours, bright. Thank you for starting!

Rudransh Agrawal 4A

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

Giving and sharing takes away from us,

Does it give us something in return?

O, yes! It does, it definitely does!

It gives us a basketful of smiles

Smiling on you and

The shine of delight on every inch of you

It lightens up your heart 

filled with happiness and glee

It makes you feel

Proud and nice

I shared a chocolate

with my friend,

I felt happy when I saw 

her glad and a big smile on her face

On my granny’s birthday,

I gave her a hug, and Lo! What I got

A bagful of blessings 

that no one ever got!

I petted a stray pup

And gave him some food

In joy, it wagged its tail

And licked me on my foot

It takes a lot of time to think

About sharing and giving

something to someone

But once you decide…

Don’t even wait for a second!!!

Sadhika Patankar 4 C

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

We love to read books in our family. Right from childhood my sister and I  have been fond of reading books. Our mother has always encouraged us to read books. Our favourite books & authors are The Berenstain Bears, Geronimo, Thea stilton, Amar Chitra katha, Ruskin Bond, Sudha Murthy etc. Reading these books has improved my reading ability and also given me knowledge of many stories which otherwise i would have not known or understood.

Looking at our interest in reading my parents bought us books every month and our collection of books grew. When our friends used to come home for a play date they were amazed looking at our book collection. They did not have so many books and had not read so many stories, we felt bad that our friends did not have many books to read. We suggested to our parents if it will be ok to share our books with our friends.

Our parents encouraged the idea and we started sharing our book collection with our friends. This made me feel very good and happy. As we grew older some of the books I had were not of our age anymore. I wanted to share this with other children as well. My parents suggested we donate these books to the library so that many more children will get an opportunity to read. On one weekend my father and I visited the library and donated many of my old books. The library thanked us as many more needy children will now get to read my books. I donated some of my toys to an orphanage and our school principal appreciated this by giving me a letter of commendation. This made me feel very good.

Sharing and Giving made me feel very nice as I was helping other children rather than only thinking about ourselves. The more I gave and shared the more I got from others. I always felt I had more to give and it made me feel happy. This feeling cannot be put in words but only felt.

Jiah Choithramani 3A

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

Experience is the Greatest Teacher in Life

Every Summer holidays we travel to different places in India for a family vacation. Last year we travelled to Jim Corbett National Park and stayed very close to the national park.

Early morning at 5am we left our resort to visit the jungle to see animals in the wild. This was our first ever experience and we were scared as we entered the jungle in an open jeep. Our guide told us not to worry, he asked us to be quite while we travel through the jungle so that the animals do not get disturbed. He also gave us binoculars to see animals from a distance. Following his instructions made us see many animals in the wild and this experience was amazing.

Our resort had adventure sports area. My father encouraged us to try the adventure activities like climbing a tower using a rope net, zip line, Burma bridge & monkey trail. These were tough activities and I was very scared. My father and the trainers encouraged us and told me that they will help and teach me how to complete these activities. There was lot of safety equipment as well, so both my sister and me decided to do these activities. Both of us completed all the activities without any problems and enjoyed doing it as well. Our parents were very proud of us and the trainers also appreciated our effort. At a young age, we learnt to overcome our fears and try out such difficult task and complete it which was just amazing.

Completing these activities gave us confidence and we did not fear such tough task anymore. When we travelled to Goa we tried this again and did it without any fear. We learnt that if we remove fear of failure from our minds than anything is possible. This experience has made me feel strong and confident to tackle any difficult task

Juhi Choithramani 3B

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

We get joy and happiness if we share. We always have to give and share. If you do it means you are very kind. If someone gives and shares with you, you always say thank you.

Everyone will be happy if you share and give. You should share with someone who needs it more than you do. When you share you should not expect something in return. The more you share the more joy get.

Sharing is fun because if I share to my friends they give me something back and I don’t expect anything back. If I give something they like. They give me something I like. For example, if a poor man is starving you should give him some money so that he could buy some food and clothes and he will be happy and I will be happy to. If you share you get more friends. In my school, we share our snacks and lunch.

If you share it means you care.


Arya Vidya Mandir Bamdra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

One sunny afternoon, Chloe, a little girl, who lived in Buenos Aires, was planning her birthday party. She was calling many friends and even family. She was feeling very excited. “Mommy, I have taken care of everything for my party,” said Chloe. “Very good!”, said her mother.” Now let me check who all are coming to your party”. “Okay, Mommy” said Chloe. After some time, Chloe’s mother came into her room. She saw Chloe there, waiting for her to inform her about the friends coming. She then looked at Chloe with a sad face. Chloe wondered why? Then her mother told her that owing to some sudden problem, the party had to be cancelled. Chloe felt sad but she knew that she could not do anything else. So she cancelled her party. “But I wanted to do something for my birthday,now that I cannot have a party”,Chloe told her mother.” “Okay,I will come up with an idea.” Her mother said. Later that day,her mother told her-“You can give fruits and biscuits  to the needy children.”Okay, I guess I could try it out,”said Chloe.So, on her birthday , she carried fruits and biscuits to the roadside where she found the needy children.She offered them the goodies .They accepted them with a smile. Seeing them so happy , a smile appeared on Chloe’s face as well .From this Chloe learnt that sharing makes a lot of people happy.Learning this, she remembered this day with great happiness and her birthday turned out to be lovely even without a party. She had made some new friends!!

Midushi Pabaru 3B

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)


I have always thought that the joy is in getting new things. But recently I realised that there is joy in one more thing and that is the JOY OF GIVING and SHARING. The joy of giving and sharing is the most unique thing. I experienced the joy of giving and sharing when I distributed buttermilk to the poor on Maha Shivratri day. I felt so happy distributing buttermilk because I could see the happiness and the joy on their faces and that really made me feel jubilant. My beloved mother also took me to an orphanage one day and there I glanced at umpteen young children who did not have parents and are all alone. I spoke to a few and realised that they have such huge dreams but such limited resources to fulfil them.

I also understood the importance of my parents in my life as they have always been there to guide me on every path, motivate me at each step of my life and become happy for me for all my achievements but these orphan children don’t have anyone to help them so they take guidance from each other, they learn and get motivated form there friends and also get lots of upliftment from the limited number of books provided to them. At that point I really felt doleful.I spent lot of time with them, and also learned innumerable outdoor games from them using such less resources and they were so much fun. I also took few new and few of my old discarded indoor board games with me and they were so happy to receive them all. They all came together to learn and play those games with me and at that moment I learnt that the JOY OF GIVING AND SHARING is far more than the joy of receiving.

So I conclude by saying that the Joy of Giving and Sharing is a very unique experience and to understand this we all have to join hands and make an effort to bring a smile on others face by making them happy with our good deeds as this makes our day also elated.

Navya Chhawchharia 4B

Arya Vidya Mandir Bandra (W)

The Joy of Giving and Sharing

We all love to get things like gifts and toys. My great grandmother used to tell me that in the same way others also like to get things from us. She also told me that when we give or share things with someone, we feel a great sense of happiness and joy in our hearts. Most of all we feel happy when we give nice things food, books, toys and games to poor children who cannot afford them.

My parents take me to gurudwara near my house. There, all the people sit together and have langar (food). Whenever I go there I serve food to all the people before I eat myself. This act gives me great happiness. My parents tell me that we should thank God for being able to serve people and share with them. Now I will share a real story about my grandfather whom I have never seen.

My grandfather used to buy one hundred blankets on every New Year’s eve. At 11:30 p.m. he used to take my grandmother and my father with him in the car. He would drive in the different lanes of the city and stop the car wherever he saw people sleeping on the footpath in the cold. He and my father would put a blanket on the poor sleeping people. In this way he celebrated the New Year. He was the happiest man and I have promised to follow the path showed by him.

-Veda Mirchandani 4B